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Wonder 05

Pencils: Ed Benes [link]
Inks JPMayer [link]
Colors: Daniel Seabra... me

original [link]
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Wish they would have had the balls to put Lynda Carter or Gal Gadot in this version of the costume.🔥😋💜😘👅

the view is great and I love the muscle tone you gave her
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 nice!  I WANT MORE
Seeker1969's avatar
My fave WW on DA by far, great work.
this is amazing.
Stunning! Just Awesome!!!
SARAFOV's avatar
just stunning!!amazing work!!
RedHeart200's avatar
I always did love a woman with a beautifully shaped back, call me weird, but it's just my opinion.:swoon: :horny::backhug: 
unoaranya30's avatar
I've always had a soft spot for a beautifully drawn Wonder Woman sporting a wedgie. Nice job on the colors
Dirghayu's avatar
Marvellous Colors Man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I really :love: it!!!!!!!!!
herofan135's avatar
Wonderful colours! :D
TamsosPadaras's avatar
3 different people worked with this? No wonder it looks so great O.O And yeah... she's really beautiful here...
JangchubOzer's avatar
Great Wonder Woman
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I hope if wonder woman comes to big screen they get an actress that actually does a workout to build some muscle mass such as this wonderful picture. Not to much though.
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Did you draw this?
dolfanny's avatar
Wonder Woman hasn't looked better!
U1trawoman's avatar
Very emotive, and your colors look fantastic!
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