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Hello everybody, 

sorry for the long silence but life was really busy during the last two years. So much happend... Dead (RIP) bad thingsDead (RIP)   Woohooooo! good thingsWoohooooo!  Oh Noes! unexpected thingsOh Noes! In the end I spend most of my time with my family and work.  

Not that I don't love my hobby but other things got more important. But this year (2017) it seems that I could finally draw again or better get the time for that. So much works which are still unfinished... yes, I drew something but it's still not finished. 

Well, and there is always the question should I draw or better write something? At the moment I'm reworking my Fushigi Yuugi Fanfiction "Secrets". I hope I will be able to finish this story during the next year. And after that I can finally begin to write my fantasy novell. Yes, after finishing the fanfiction 'cause I hate it when someone stops a good story to write another one. So first finish the current story than start a new one Airborne 

Wish you all a wonderful summertime
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  • Watching: Let's play The Witcher 3
  • Playing: Riders of Icarus
  • Eating: Strawberrys
  • Drinking: Coca cola - what else?
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Submitted on
June 7, 2017