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Not sure how I forgot to post this here earlier, but just in case anybody is keeping tabs, there's a fanzine themed around everyone's favorite two 90s Sonic cartoons, put together for the purpose of helping out Milton Knight (who, as you may know, is responsible for giving us such a divine T H I C C Robotnik in AoStH), who has been having some hard times in the past couple of years.

You can buy this 'zine RIGHT NOW, for the ultra-cheap price of $2 to download the digital version, or for $12, you can pre-order a physical copy of it, which will be shipped sometime between the end of this month and sometime in January.

A bunch of artists came together for this, including some rather familiar names in the fanart community (Evan Stanley has a piece in there), and of course, I have a picture in there, myself.

Check out the link down below if you're interested, and even if you can't buy in, tell your friends and whoever else might want a nice collection of AoStH/SatAM-themed art.  <--Click here

After what felt like forever, the first issue of the Sonic fan-comic project I'm involved with has finally released the first issue of Sonic Legacy. Lot of good folks poured their hearts into this, so anybody giving it a look would be greatly appreciated.

For those wondering, I was one of the writers for this issue, as well as penciller for the second half of the issue.
Since I'm not really sure what kind of reach those new-ish status updates have, I'll ask this question here.

I'm sure some of you folks have already seen the drawing I submitted of this character Nili (…) for a hypothetical series of the adult-oriented variety. turns out that it sparked a crapload of ideas for characters and a world and before I knew it I realized "oh crap, this could actually be fun to do".

At the same time, it'd also be really really cool to get a few bucks flowing for doing this, so I guess the real question here is: Where in the hell do I go for something like this? I know Patreon is a thing, but you can't be "listed" if you do NSFW stuff.
So, yeah, it's been a hell of a long time. I'm not even sure if anybody really keeps an eye on this page anymore, having [justifiably] assumed I was gone for good. But for those who are, I might as well fill you guys on what's been happening.

In a few more months, it'll be a year since I returned from South Carolina, after stupidly thinking that getting a few states away from Louisiana would somehow get me actually moving forward in life. To make a long story short, it didn't; if anything it made things worse.

The constant stress pretty much killed my motivation to draw, and for about two years, I could barely get myself to put a pencil to paper. And that fucking sucked, since those constant thoughts of "Hey, you need to draw/it's been over a year since the last real thing..." just messed with me more. 

The complete drought continued when I got back, as I tried to get back into a normal routine and pretend that most of the past couple of years didn't happen. And I guess at least this time it was a little excusable; I went back to my old job and focused on rebuilding the funds hemorrhaged while I was away. For those who say money can't buy happiness: bull-fucking-shit. Having a few bucks to let you know you won't starve is a hell of a mood-booster.

And suddenly, just about a month ago now, something clicked in my head. For the first time in over two years, I had an idea for something. Characters and stories started flowing; I had the makings for not only a comic series, but an ORIGINAL comic series.

So, what does all this mean? Well, sadly, I think Nuzlocke of Ernie will continue staying on the back burner for who knows how long. I'd love to be able to finish it, since some of you guys actually seemed to like that, but until I feel I can get back to it, I don't think my best would be in it, and as low-tier as it is, I don't wanna churn out something even shittier. I have some insane ideas for it, which I guess in the worst-case scenario I could share sometime if I feel a revival is impossible.

That Sonic project is also on hold, though probably for the best until I can think of a better story for that to go.

Right now, most of the focus will be on this yet-to-be-named comic. The clock's ticking, and I'd like to at least be able to come up with something I can truly call my own entirely; hell, maybe even something that could sell if somebody out there sees it as something people would want to pay for. I don't really have a timeline for when anything will start showing up here, and as you can probably tell, I really fucking suck at keeping promises.

Oh, and as for what this comic entails? Well, I'm still working that out, but think "When Harry Met Sally", except one's a devil, one's an angel, and wouldn't you know it; the threat of Armageddon is looming.
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First off, a promotion for a contest that I plan on submitting something to, and I encourage any other fakemon artists out there to give this a look:…


Hey, it's been a little while; hope I haven't worried anyone. : p

Sorry that things have been a bit quiet lately; the holiday season was taxing on both the mind, as well as the wallet, so needless to say I wasn't in the best shape to be productive art-wise. Since all that's done for the year, though, I should be able to start getting the ball rolling again.

New Nuzlocke of Ernie chapter is on the way, and crossing my fingers to have it up before the end of the month. But, you know by now how well me and self-imposed deadlines get along...
It'd be nice if I could have the whole story finished before the end of this year, but I guess we'll have to wait and see. I didn't think it'd take over two years to get around to what is basically the halfway point of the game.

Also, I'm seriously considering picking myself up a tablet, so I can finally get myself dabbling in digital art a bit more, and hopefully make some really nice-looking stuff. If anyone has suggestions for something that's both cheap and reliable, definitely give me a shout.
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:iconpanlong-dragon: is looking for entries for a contest, for anyone's interested. You can check out the details here ->…
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Hey guys, been a while since I've updated, so figure I should show that I'm still alive.

First of all, sorry that Nuzlocke updates have been extremely slow lately. There's quite a few factors at the moment that are just eating away at my art drive currently, and it's killing me to keep lagging behind like this. One comic per 1-2 months isn't exactly my idea of productivity.

But, hopefully I'll be back with a job again soon, which will keep me from sitting around all day feeling bad about -not- having a job, so with any luck that will get the ol' gears grinding again, and I can once again deliver more stuff to you guys, comics and other stuff.
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Nuzlocke of Ernie update is currently being worked on, but in the meantime, here's something that all the fakemon enthusiasts should check out...

:iconslickedbackartisan: is holding a week's worth of fakemon design challenges that should help get the creativity flowin'

~~~~copy and pasted from his journal here->… <-

I am issuing a week long challenge designed to test your fakemon design skills! Everyday has a set of challenges/limitations for you to follow in order to make an interesting/coherent/original design!

All designs submitted in this challenge will be favorited in the collection "Fakemon Design Challenge" and the best designs (excluding mine, of course) will be featured in a journal for all to see!
Sept 30 Mon: A :icongrasstypeplz:, :iconfiretypeplz:, or :iconwatertypeplz: fakemon with a serpentine body, large eyes, and no arms.
Oct 01 Tue: A fakemon based off a popular gaming franchise. 
Oct 02 Wed: A fakemon based of a prehistoric animal that isn't part :iconrocktypeplz:.
Oct 03 Thu: A fakemon that is based off something small, but is massive in scale.
Oct 04 Fri: A fakemon based off of energy that isn't part :iconelectrictypeplz:.
Oct 05 Sat: A fakemon based off of machinery, but is completely organic in design.

All designs should be submitted the day of its challenge. I would suggest you start on these designs as soon as possible and make sure you let me know that you are participating, so I can make sure I am watching you!

I would love it if you could participate and spread the word! I would love to watch a slew of new fakemon artists!
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Hey guys, been a while, eh?

Things have finally settled down now that Mechacon and the move right after are done. Not sure how things will be once I get a job again, but for now things are pretty quiet. And therefore I can start getting back to work on fun stuff like pics and nuzlocke pages. I'm actually working on the next update as this is being typed, so hopefully within the next couple of weeks I can finally get something uploaded again.

Til next time, guys!
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Annnnd I got myself dragged back into Animal Crossing, too. Hit me up if you want to trade visits; my friendcode's

Anyway, new Ernie comic is in the works, though probably will be at least another week until it's finished. It's coming, though. : p

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I...I need a moment here, guys...

I'm pretty sure most of you guys have seen these by now, but for me to not do my part to spread it to those who haven't, would be a SIN...

It's no secret at all about how much I love Kingdom Hearts, and, even though the game is probably another couple of years away, just KNOWING that it's actually coming is a hell of a feeling after nearly 7 years of silence. And it's nice to see that Versus XIII is both alive, and also an officially-numbered Final Fantasy title. Assuming it still comes out before KH III, it'll be a great way to fill the waiting time.

PS4, I think you've won E3. Microsoft will have to do some serious rethinking to gain more ground.

And then with Nintendo's announcements tomorrow concerning Pokemon and Smash Bros...oh man...

Annnnyway, I just needed to let that out. : P
New Nuzlocke comic is on the way, hopefully should be done by the end of the week. Sorry for the delay; things have been getting pretty busy lately, so it might be a bit slow here for the next few months.
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Hey guys, just wanted to point you guys to a contest that :icontrueform: is currently holding. It's a fakemon contest themed around video games, so it should be fun for any fellow fakemon creators out there!

Check all the details right here ->…

The contest ends on the 21st of this month, so there's still a good 10 days to get something done!
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Alright, a few things to list today. First off, as I'm sure most people already know, there's been a wiki page started for Nuzlocke comics. Just in case anyone hasn't checked it out yet, just click right over here ->…

I'll be adding stuff about Ernie's story once I figure out what I'm doing. : p EDIT: And done, for now:…

Next up, the next update for the comic should be up within a couple of days. It's a much shorter one, being a bonus story, but it'll at least kill a minute or two for you guys.

And finally, wanna link you guys to the third story of the current shared-universe-Nuzlocke-thingie (we really need a name for this...) that me and :icondeathdesu: are part of. Click here ->… <- to check out :iconcourtney-flamesong:'s Nuzlocke of Dimitry!

So yeah, that's all for now! Cheers. ;P
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So, this is possibly another way to work some cameos into the NoE comic for anyone who can qualify.

Without giving anything away, I'm thinking of referring to failed nuzlocke runs, but the catch is that they have to be of the original releases of Red, Blue, Yellow (and Green, if anyone was crazy enough to attempt that : P), Gold, Silver, and Crystal.

So if any of you guys have seen your parties sadly fall to these titles, or know of someone who has, give me a shout!
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I know things have been a bit quiet on my end lately, so just wanting to let you guys know that I haven't left you all hanging! And the next nuzlocke update should be coming up soon (I was hoping to have it up this weekend, but....don't hold me to that x_X ). It's coming though; I'm currently in the process of inking it as I type this!

UPDATE 3/20 - Okay, yeah, so obviously I couldn't keep myself to that particular schedule. It's looking like my old computer (the one I've been doing all my work on) is starting to finally give up the ghost. Not sure if it's overheating, or if the hard drive's giving out, but I can't keep it up for too long without worrying about it crashing and rebooting on me...

BUT...I was able to set up Manga Studio on my laptop, which due to screensize, isn't my ideal choice for comic work, but should, for now, be a temporary fix. So I'm back on track with the next nuzlocke update.

The next part's about halfway done, so if I push forward, it should be done within a few days. I'm probably not the best person to trust with those words now, but I'm definitely planning on having this finished before the weekend. So, thanks for putting up with my slow ass, folks, and catch y'all soon!
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Well, kinda....I have no idea, really. ^^;…

To be honest, I've never heard of Adventures in Poor Taste, but I guess they're a relatively big deal? The site looks pretty pro, at least. : P

I just think it's awesome that a couple of my fakemon (Royalithan and Champeon) actually made the cut for a list like this! And more exposure isn't necessarily a bad thing. ; p

But yeah, this is definitely a pleasant surprise! And there's some pretty good stuff by other people listed, too. I know I've seen that Pinsir evolution before.
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The crap, DA; did you eat my journal entry?!

Gah, anyway, I thought it had posted this last night... I'm thinking about doing a Q&A at some point during the Nuzlocke of Ernie comic, like I've seen done with most of the other nuzlocke comics I've seen around.

So the main question is; would that be something you guys would like to see? Not much point to me doing one if there isn't any actual questions for the cast. : p

If I do this, it'll probably be another couple of months before I could fit it into the schedule, so whoever wants to ask something, please save it for when I actually make a post for it.

And speaking of the comic, there should be another update done sometime within the next week.
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Geez, has it really been half a year since I've updated?

Well, if any of you guys are still sticking around, you're probably wondering what the freakin' hold-up is. In between work, and having to ration the little time for drawing that I do have, things haven't been kind to moving this story forward.

I really can't say when I'll have something up again, just that I hope to have something up relatively soon. At any rate, it'll be out before Kingdom Hearts III is. : P
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First of all, thanks to everyone who dropped me a b-day greeting yesterday. You guys indeed rock!

And again, sorry that things have been pretty dead on here lately. Despite a total lack of time and energy lately, I haven't forgotten about the Nuzlocke comic, and other fun stuff like fakemon.

Speaking of Pokemon-related stuff, how about those X/Y versions, eh? Looks like Game Freak and Nintendo are getting really serious now, with how this is getting prepared for a simultaneous worldwide release. None of this "waiting 6 or more months while the Japanese folks spoil everything!" stuff this time! : P

And if Chespin is indeed on a path to being a hedgehog-like creature, I've already picked my starter.
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Well, by now, I'm sure most people are either ready for Christmas, or in the process of preparing. In any event, here's hoping everyone has a pretty decent holiday.

I -was- hoping to have a new Nuzlocke of Ernie up this week, but unfortunately shopping and packing took priority. Though to make it up as a sort of belated Christmas gift, the next update should be pretty big, and finally usher us into 50 of these damn chapters. : p

Anyway though, what's everyone's plans for the holidays? I'm actually on a trip up to South Carolina to chill with a buddy of mine for the week. Though currently I'm becoming well-acquainted with a Greyhound station due to one bus taking too long, and causing me to miss the next one. =_=;;