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Tribute to Joust by Sea-Salt Tribute to Joust by Sea-Salt
...Seriously, why hasn't there been a new, updated game of this? It's one of the coolest concepts ever!

Or how about a big-time summer blockbuster? Imagine, the action, the suspense, the heartwarming bond between jouster and giant-ostrich-thing! Steven Speilburg, Peter Jackson, George of you guys has to open your eyes to his!

In all seriousness, though (sorta), I've been racking my brain on how to do fanart of Joust. There's very little, if any, original artwork for it, and the graphics really don't leave much to work with.

But still, I love how this came out...And if I had the more "traditional" art skills needed to get a submission into the "I am 8-Bit" books, I'd definitely use Joust as my muse...

I'm hoping this one will be a decent showcase in my portfolio, as it's a change of pace from my usual line-arts.

Drawn in mechanical pencils...I forget the brand...

Joust is copyright 1982 Williams Electronics.
Dinosaurprince Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2007
This is such a well done picture! You should really think of coloring it! I love your cartoony knights and the evil lava troll hand!
If you want more joust art you should check out You can find various manual scans for the game. The Atari 2600 had some of the best art for it.
My older brother and sister would take me to the arcade in the late 80's and we would spend hours on this game.
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December 25, 2006
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