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Published: July 31, 2012
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Dictator Pokemon

HT: 19'65 ft
WT: 425 lbs

Each one claims a section of the river to rule, leading entire schools of Basculin to hunt for prey, or to drive off enemies. The two different colored varieties are always at odds with each other, and it isn't uncommon to see them battling with the sword-like barbs near the end of their tails. Because of their sharp dorsal fins, they have been known to shred boats in half, and causing stories of sea serpents prowling the waters.

Water/Steel type

Evolves from Basculin -> level up with King's Rock


Took me a while to get this one up, mostly because I was having trouble thinking of a name. : p

But anyway, it always bugs me when I see certain Pokemon that lack and evolution. And, since Basculin was the requisite basic fish of Black and White, I felt it needed a serpentine evolution like Magikarp and Feebas.
The name is a combination of "royal" (or maybe "battle royale" considering their competitive nature) and "leviathan".
Just like it's pre-evolved form, it has two varieties, but I really didn't feel like drawing both. : P

Inked with Micron pens.
Colored with Crayola color pencils.
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nice. I imagined a basculin evo to be like a betta fish, since they are always fighting (I might post it onto /r/fakemon). This is really cool though!
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Sea-SaltHobbyist Traditional Artist
I've actually posted this to the PokeFake section (the other fakemon one on the site), but feel free to post it there too. XP

I have thought about coming up with something based on a beta, but it'd be for a separate species. I just wanted to give Basculin a "dragon form".
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of course, dragons are always awesome.
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Panlong-DragonHobbyist General Artist
Whoa, so Epic
Anyway want to join my group? If yes you wanna be Contributor or Member? :D
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I never liked water types much but I would have this in a heartbeat
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All of my yes. Take it. By the way me and my friend a couple years ago thought of a Vespiking. I'd like to see what you could do with that
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Sea-SaltHobbyist Traditional Artist
I actually did try to come up with something like that a while back, but couldn't pin down a final design for it. Maybe I'll try to get back to it one of these days. : p
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Evilpikachu2001Student Artist
Nintendo has to make this Pokemon an actual evolution and give you credit! :D
I love it!
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Some pokemon I think can get away with not having an evolution, but basculin is one that I hope gets one in the future. Nicely done :)
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Sea-SaltHobbyist Traditional Artist
Yeah, ones like Jynx or Scyther (well, when they were single-stage, at least) were pretty apex as-is. Moreso bugged about how the smaller, more fragile ones (like most of the Pika-clones) don't have any additional stages to help buff them up. And Basculin was just too plain for my liking to use; no idea how he actually is in battle. ^^;
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I believe basculine is built kind of like a physical sweeper, high speed and attack, but I could be wrong.
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TF-chaserStudent General Artist
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RisingSunfishHobbyist General Artist
Very cool-- it fits perfectly!
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JamalPokemonHobbyist General Artist
The perfect evo! Great design and description!
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Miss-DNLHobbyist General Artist
really nice ties in nicely with the previous form and it bugged me too that they didn't evolve :\ it was why i never used one
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