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Wild Duck Pokemon

Height: 1'00
Weight: 3.5 lbs

Their eggs are laid within a patch of leeks; the number of plants equaling that of the eggs. When Qwack'd hatches, it stays with its siblings until it is old enough to venture out on its own. Upon departing the nest, this pokemon eats one of the leeks making up its former home, taking the seed with it to grow into a new weapon. It has been known to spend hours searching for the best soil to plant the seed.

Normal/Flying type

Qwack'd -> Farfetch'd (friendship evo) -> B'shido [link] (level up with Night Slash learned)


Okay, so the name will probably be changed at some point, but I couldn't just leave the little guy unnamed. : P
Mostly came up with him for a contest, but I guess he is kinda cute to keep around, eh? The topknot came up when I wanted to connect it to the samurai theme I had with B'shido.

And yes, I have no freakin' clue what the seed of a leek looks like.

Micron pens, Crayola color pencils.
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kylemenow|Student Artist
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Love it! Cute story too.
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