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'Perfect' Form by Sea-Salt 'Perfect' Form by Sea-Salt
I have uncovered the Keyblade's ultimate mystery. You see, besides the three families of Keyblades, there is another "Key Blade." While it may sound the same when spoken, it is notated uniquely: "χ-blade." And make no mistake, while it resembles a normal Keyblade, it is something altogether different.
Keyblades are said to be man-made counterparts to Kingdom Hearts. The χ-blade, however, coexists with Kingdom Hearts.
It is only forged when two hearts of equal power intersect--one heart of pure darkness, one heart of pure light. At the time of its forging, Kingdom Hearts appears. It must be noted, though, that this Kingdom Hearts is special. Unlike the Kingdoms brought about forcibly and artificially through the collection of hearts, THIS Kingdom Hearts is a perfect and complete union of ALL the worlds' hearts. Surely it was over this that the ancient Keyblade War was fought.
If so, the walls that divide the worlds today are of little consequence. With the χ-blade, all their hearts could be instantly reunited--and the Keyblade War, refought.

-Xehanort's Report VII

The ultimate fusion between Raava ([link])and Rhophites ([link]), the power unleashed by its existence is unsurpassed. Who knows what it is capable of, and if even itself can survive the results of its actions.

Raava is mine; Rhophites is :iconcourtney-flamesong:
Micron ink pens, Sharpie.
Crayola color pencils
Courtney-Flamesong Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2011
As always, you never cease to impress. Absolutely beautiful.
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