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Kentresla by Sea-Salt Kentresla by Sea-Salt
Living Fossil Pokemon

HT: 4'09
WT: 89 lbs

It was thought to have been long extinct until recently, when small herds of them were found in remote mountain ranges. It can go for long periods without eating; storing energy by attracting lighting to the bulb-like spikes on its back. It can also use the energy to attack, as it can deliver severe shocks by slashing with the spikes on its shoulders, or swinging its tail. The spikes are also used during its mating season, either for competition between the males, or for attracting females. The tail spikes will glow brightly, and are visible from many miles away.

Ability: Lightningrod - Draws in all Electric-type moves to up Sp. Attack.

Electric type.

Another result of :iconslickedbackartisan:'s fakemon design challenge, this time themed around a non-Rock-type prehistoric-ish creature. I've had the idea of a stegosaur with lightbulb-like spikes floating in my head, but after designing a Stegosaurus fakemon for somebody a while back, I decided on something a bit different, and went with a cousin of it, the Kentrosaurus. It's an arguably more badass creature, even if it was smaller, due to it deciding that back-spikes weren't enough, and decided to put two more of them on it's shoulders.

The name itself is a combination of "KENTRosaurus" and "TESLA", as in Nikola Tesla, the granddaddy of electric inventors.

Micron pens.
Crayola color pencils.
Touch-ups in GIMP
Gardow Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Probably my favourite stegosaurus-inspired pokemon. Very nice!
Burgald Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Awesomeness overload :D
Vanilla-Flaminga Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Gosh how awesome it would be to train this guy. It has an amazing design! I love the addition of the light bulbs; I can picture them all lighting up and the creature looking very pretty whilst it does so. I really like the information tidbit about this pokemon. Its name is cool too; it's not too hard to say or too jarring. The yellow and blue are brilliant electric-type colours, I love the bolt design on it, and those scales on its back look so cool. What an awesome character. If only it were official... :)
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October 4, 2013
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