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Absol - Pokemon to Digimon meme
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Published: January 21, 2013
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Absol - #359 of the National Pokedex
Every time Absol appears before people, it is followed by a disaster such as an earthquake or a tidal wave. As a result, it came to be known as the disaster Pokémon.
Absol has the ability to foretell the coming of natural disasters. It lives in a harsh, rugged mountain environment. This Pokémon very rarely ventures down from the mountains.
It sharply senses even subtle changes in the sky and the land to predict natural disasters. It is a long-lived Pokémon that has a life-span of 100 years.
-from the Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald Pokedex

Absolomon - Champion Level / Virus / Doomsayer Type

With his all-seeing eye, Absolomon travels the digital world in solitude, warning those in imminent danger. However, his renown for predicting disasters has led some to fear or even attempt to forbid his arrival, at one time going as far as to imprison him deep within a dungeon. When that civilization was wiped out by a cataclysm lost to the history books, Absolomon continued his pilgrimage.
His extra-sensory abilities give him an edge in combat, letting him plan a counterattack far in advance of the enemy's first move. He abhors conflict, but if pushed far enough, he will put his scythe, Judgement, to good use, cleaving the victim in two with his Final Penance attack. A split decision, indeed.


A change of pace here from predominant comic pages; decided to throw my hat into the ring with this Pokemon-to-Digimon meme that I've seen around, courtesy of :icong-fauxpokemon:

Absol's one of my favorite pokemon of all time, and seemed to have the most going for him in terms of turning him into a digimon. The name "Absolomon" is actually the result of recalling Solomon, biblical king most famous for nearly chopping a kid in half, just minutes before I started uploading this. Apparently the good king was a bit of a prophet himself, so this all just seems destined to work together.

Absol is (c) Game Freak/Nintendo

Micron pens, sharpie.
Crayola color pencils.
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I favorited this a long time ago, but felt like commenting now...  just like to say that I like the way you made few but significant changes. I'd just keep his head more animal-like. It's pretty cool, anyway.
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I'm thinking Anubis from Ronin Warriors...don't know if you are familiar with that show
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AzuelZorro102Hobbyist General Artist


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Okami2009Hobbyist Photographer
That is so cool!
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Absol would make a friggin' badass Digimon, man!
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Just proving Digimon beats Pokémon every time I love this ^^
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ObscureWhisperHobbyist Traditional Artist
That is so badass!
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Awesome! Absol is in my 5. I've always held it close, and this.. just.. it.. *tears up* IT IS SO BEAUTIOUS! <3
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omfg it is beautiful
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booglybear Traditional Artist
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DerptaliamochiStudent Artist

Pokémon:Take a real animal,give it some changes.(Ex Lizard Charmander)


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I absolutely LOVE this! You really understands digimon!

Most people thought that Pokemon and Digimon are similar in the regard that both take ordinary animals then add fantastical twists to them. They are dead WRONG! While the above statement applies to Pokemon, it doesn't really to Digimon, because Digimon don't usually use ordinary animals but real beliefs and myths.

Such as...
Garudamon -> Garuda of Hindu and Buddhist mythology
Darcmon -> Jeanne d'Arc
Angemon-species -> Christian beliefs
Digimon Sovereigns -> Chinese myth of the Four Symbols
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Dude...this is one, if not THE best Poke'mon - Digimon I've ever seen! I love how you ran with Absol's poke'dex description, as well as the appearance, and I am digging that single eye on the helmet...thing. Great work. 
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5umm3rzoomStudent Digital Artist
Wow...Bad ass :D
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Absol digimon looks like an ultimate or mega to me
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pokemonfartStudent Writer
What if this was absols mega evolution?
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Sea-SaltHobbyist Traditional Artist
I think it would be a bit much, and probably would just incite the wrath of the "pokemon are starting to look too much like digimon!!" crowd. : p

Of course, now that Absol -has- a Mega form, that certainly gives me a resource for a further evolution line of this Digimon version...
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lubilasStudent Traditional Artist
very nice drawings man
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GHFRPG1000Hobbyist General Artist
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Aisheyru-FoxHobbyist Digital Artist
This is freakin awesome.
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Wow.. That's amazing XD
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Dark-VulpesHobbyist Digital Artist
Haha this Picture made my day :D
I just googled absol and than i was like,
W8, that looks like a digimon oO
Reading the text...
Oh xD becaus it Should look like a Digimon, now i get it xD
So you did a good work on it ^^
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SpikyArmadillo5Hobbyist General Artist
Holy crap thats pretty awesome
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