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Double Up

By Sea-of-Ice
"Fortune doesn't favor fools.."

A collaboration with Vensy, as Miss Fortune

For anyone who knows me, they know I do not like cosplay photography. It's so static and plastered looking...I hate 98% of all cosplay photos because it just never looks good....that being said, I wanted to take a shot at my version of cosplay!

I've been dying to do this photoshoot with Vensy, ~vensii ! I'm not huge on cosplay photography...but when I found out a friend of mine was crafting a Miss Fortune cosplay from the game, League of Legends, I was beyond excited. So I thought it'd put my fine art spin to it We did use fire to make smoke come out of her awesomely crafted guns, I put a ball of newspaper in them and lit it on fire XD

For those gamers out there, limited edition prints will be available for purchase at an affordable cost, SOON! One more print is in the making

those birds flew over her, yup.....i kinda love where I live for photos XD

Enjoy! and Facebook!
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It is SO refreshing to see depictions of Sarah Fortune that are aware of the character's sexuality but don't tip it overboard into something lewd or pure fanservice. With what Sarah's been through in her story, she's a very strong independent woman (who don't need no man!) and I think this picture is very evocative of the strong, sassy scarlet captain that I know and love. Bravo!
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Omg. This is exactly how I feel...I'm so happy to see you say this :hug: Her body is sexy, but people need to stop exploiting that in other fan art/photographs. 
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Absolutely outstanding:)
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like the photo, hate the reference.

LoL is full of trolls and neckbeards.
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DUDE, i hear you. The community is crap. If I ever played ranked games, I instantly mute all my teammates XD
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The guns look amazing. Heck, the whole cosplay is amazing.
Very nice photo.
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As I say on facebook, that's pretty cool!!!
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Very beautiful and interesting artwork! Congratulations!
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This cosplay is really good...
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Its amazing isnt it?? Thank you!
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Amazing photo. I completely agree with what you said about your view of cosplay.
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yea ... that sould get to the front page ...
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looks so good. ur so pretty
i wanna look like u :*
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If only all cosplayers read your statement! That'd be great!
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She Q's, you QQ :XD:

Also, if you think all cosplay photos are crap, you should see :iconbgzstudios: and :iconbenny-lee:'s pages. NOW.

In the meantime, faving this awesome photo.
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wow thanks for sharing those two photographers...thats a first for me! lol
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Yeah, get with it. Cosplay, like any attempted form of amateur art, is subject to Sturgeon's Law. So if you only see one good cosplay photo out of every 10, that's par for the course. Also, check out :iconabbydark-star:, :iconscream4dolls:, :iconanaaesthetic:, :iconmiracole:, :iconkristenhughey:, and :iconmoonfoxultima:. On facebook, they are Abby Darkstar, Kearstin Nicholson, Ana Aesthetic, The Visual Insanity of Miracole Burns, Kristen Hughey Cosplay, and Katyuska Moonfox.
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well, all the photos that make it on the front page that are cosplay, are never that I assumed if they are the most popular than the majority must not be as great. Even so, cosplay photography just has a commercial look to it, and i've always hated that look...just a preference =]
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Cool concept, nice blasters too.
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