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Party Time!

Finally ! The 6th and final piece of art for the series I started about... 3 weeks ago ^-^"
Yeah, I got a lil' lazy lastly. I internally wanted to give up, but it's the first
I have a personnal project that lasts more than a week and beginning with a failure
wouldn't be very promising.

Enjoy your Pinkie Pie! She made a very special party for you!

Check out the other mane 6 :

Bullet; Green Rarity
Bullet; Green Fluttershy
Bullet; Green Rainbow Dash
Bullet; Green Applejack
Bullet; Green Twilight

Bullet; Green Also available on Derpibooru

As always, comments are very welcome =) (Smile)
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Congratulations!  Way to see this through and finish what you started!