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A New Shipping Is Born

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Wheter you like this new shipping or not,
don't tell me they aren't cute as hell <3 Srsly !
I spent a good part of the night to finish this. I'm exhausted now T-T

5, 6 hours ? I'm not sure. Oh god I'm so slow...

Please comment and share if you like it ^^
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That was a rather nice episode, all things considered.
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The episode had a good rythm, no one acted stupidly, >_<
a couple of good jokes and the shipping is cute.
yes, that was a good episode =)
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Ah, I see you were not a fan of the rainbow parents episode either. Yeah, I found that one to be rather exaggerated and cringey. And what a shame too, now I can't look at the old fanarts of Dash and her dad the same way again. T_T
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Same. Why cruel world ?! Cry emote 
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I love these two! Fantastic work.
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Aw ! Thank you very much !
And yeah, they were quite inspiring ;)
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Those two are so adorable my face hurts just from smiling at cute pictures like these.
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Aww, thank you ! This shipping sure is cute.
It looks natural, not pushed at all and I think that's why we like so much :)
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Legit ship and nothing could  sink her.
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Not even spy Dash ? :P
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BB-KHobbyist Writer
Yeap, quite the couple.
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Sky Stinger: Uh, Vapor? You better get off me or it will give ideas to other ponies.
Vapor: Like what?
S: Well... ponies tend to ship others. Like two of us right now.
V: What's wrong about that?
S: ..... Uh.... I got no answer for that.
V: Exactly.
S: *blush*
V *blush*
S: Seriously, get off or Spitfire will yell at us again.

Wonderful work
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Haha, nice ! =D
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Glad that you liked it.
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jyroman53Hobbyist Digital Artist
And I already put that ship in me port on water ! And it is also named "JustKissAlready"
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ArmagedtomHobbyist Digital Artist
Love this ship so much! <3 It was really natural, not forced you could tell by the way she acted around him that she was head over hooves for him!
The ship sails itself ^^

Throughout out the episode, I was thinking Now Kiss! ha
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SpiritWolfOfIceHobbyist Digital Artist
i might be the only that thought hasbro held nothing back when that ship came alive x3 it was immediate but all in all the ship is good i like it cause they make a cute couple
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MagicPebblesHobbyist Digital Artist
Aww, so cute!
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KittyBelli24Hobbyist Digital Artist
I love this shipping! <3 VaporStinger for life!
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They are indeed a really nice couple.
The MarbleMac shipping was forced,
but this one just feels so natural. =)
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KittyBelli24Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yep ^^
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Hehe. OCs shipping..... >8)
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