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Windows 7 App Launcher - 7APL

7APL is an application launcher made with Windows 7 in mind. You can launch single applications or group of applications with a single hot key or by using the newest features of Microsoft's latest OS -- JumpLists and interactive thumbnails which are well-integrated into the application.

The build provided here is beta build 09242009-2316 (small bug fix from previous version released not long ago). This version contains a new Desktop Gadget mode, Aero glass support, and dozens of other updates.

To get the latest version or to see more screenshots just visit 7APL's project page at [link] -- leave a comment if you find any bugs or have any feature requests.

Documentation is included in a separate version (6.25MB) at [link]
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Link dead. Is there a live link or backup copy somewhere? Thank you!
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Hi there! Great job, and I think one way you can improve this program is through displaying lists of programs installed or websites that have been fav'd or bookmarked and have checks to select/deselect them. It would be great if there was a separate column on the right side or a bar at the top with buttons that change the profile, but it's pretty nice the way it is right now.

Personally, running W7, I think it is fine the way it is on the taskbar, since it's easily assessible and you don't have to click a small tray icon or go to the desktop to make use of it.

I'm pretty sure not many people have made a program like this before, so don't be afraid to try new things.
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start usin right now
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you are the best
Question for everyone (please comment): Out of these potential features, which would you like to see the most?

1. Desktop widget - Similar look/feel to the interactive thumbnail but lives on the desktop. This would allow the possibility of hiding the app from the task bar to free up some task bar real estate.

2. XP/Vista/Windows 7 (non-Aero) compatibility - Would allow users to run the application in the task tray instead of in the task bar.

3. Windows 7 JumpList + Interactive thumbnail emulation (would probably be difficult) - Would emulate the features of the app as it is now for compatibility with XP, Vista, and non-Aero Windows 7 users.

4. Quick profile creation - Enhance the existing profile creation tab to quickly add multiple launch profiles (right now it may be a bit tedious to create many profiles with single app profiles in mind).

5. Better support for all file types - The ability to detect and launch not only apps, but links/documents/other files using their default or custom app handler (eg. Adding a link pointing to [link] in a profile would launch Firefox or Internet Explorer and go to that web page).

If anyone has additional comments, feature requests, bug reports, etc.. that would be great. I haven't received much feedback despite a good number of downloads both here and via a couple other sites.

If I get enough requests for a specific feature, I'll get to work on it asap. Let me know!
@haran-hockey, I haven't tested it so I don't think so. In a future version I will try to add some compatibility to non-aero and non-Windows 7 computers.
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Does it work if your video card doesn't support aero (so aero is disabled)
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