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I decided to revisit the Necromancer and give it a darker finish with a few new features. 
Who is your favorite Diablo class? Do you think I should paint Rathma or Lilith next?
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Who is that, are they from the story?

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Sephiroth is the main antagonist of a game much loved by many gamers in the 90s and in it remake released this year called Final Fantasy VII.

Here you can read his biography:

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Glad you liked it! :D

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So cool, love 3rd version :love:

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Thank you! The most dangerous one, you understand power :D

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I think you made him more visibly aged between the pictures than in the old version, so good revisit on that!

Still a hottie :meow:

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Oh yes, I tried to make him look a bit older and show that his power grows as he ages.

Spooky stuff! :fella: I'm glad you still liked it!

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I'm a blunt force kinda girl, so I usually play the barb, but I do miss the bow bitch from 2 and the werebear too, the demon hunter is ok, she just gets her ass handed to her too much. The witch doctor is pretty cool though. LOL sorry for the rambling

I like your necro

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Thank you :D I don't mind at all! Barb is a lot of fun for sure! And those buffs he got last season was it? Did you take advantage? xD

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not too much, I don't always play the seasons and I've missed the last couple lol

Are you going to do up anymore of the Diablo characters?

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Oh yes, I'm thinking Lilith and maybe Rathma. What do you think, do you have any suggestions?

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I gotta say, it would be cool to see the female necro too, and maybe both sexes of the barb, the demon hunter, and the crusader, but ultimately you're the artist, it's up to who you want to draw up

Your work is good, so whatever you decide to do :)

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Oh right! I wanted to draw the female Necromancer too! Maybe if I could simplify them a bit I could paint them all xD I'd really love that, it's just that I'm a bit slow. But barbs are definitely on my list now!
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slow or fast, it's your time table do how works for you

I mean, it's not like I'm putting out much lately lol, not a single idea, and a lot of weird dreams lol

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Lilith pleaseeee ♥

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So tempting, I think it's a must! :happybounce:

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