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The Broken-Hearted King by sdybowski The Broken-Hearted King by sdybowski
There was a legend eons ago, about a great King. He had a mind full of wisdom and heart filled with compassion. He's kingdom was one of the greatest in these lands, but there was still something, a little thing that made a King constantly unhappy. He was alone. To be honest, he always had a people around him, like servants and knights, but it wasn't the point. Through the darkest nights, King was dreaming about warm of woman's body, about sweetness of the feeling of love...

The only thing we know now is he found his love by the most scary and blasphemous magic and he payed a cost of all this. After a week of happiness Her left him, because she was only a creation of evil spells and after this incident he became to curse on Gods. They turned him into a monster to punish him.

Another legend says: "If You wold meet a monster with a crown and a broken heart on his chest, finish it's suffer and the true love would find you won't leave you to the last day of your life. "

Maybe it's only old fairytale, but I decided to try...

//effect of my nightmare.
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September 12, 2013
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