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Compass Rose Photoshop Brushes

This is a set of compass rose photoshop brushes.

Free for personal or commercial uses.

Check out more free resources on my website SDWHaven [link]
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Awesome brushes, thank you!

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Thank you for sharing your compass rose for commercial use. Wonderful job.
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Very nice.  Thank you!
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used here for the map:
thank you for sharing
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Got the CIA compass rose ? 
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Thank you for sharing your stock - I used it here:…
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I recongized your compass in the Windward logo.
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Good find. I had heard of the game, but never had seen the logo before. Thanks for the heads up. 
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Awesome brushes, thank-you for sharing.
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This brush set is turning out super pixelated for me at every you have any idea what I might be doing wrong?  TYVM!

EDIT: Wow, nvm!!  They're just SUUUUUPER high quality and resolution!  Time to make my map a little/a lot bigger! xD
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Hi just letting you know that I'm using this on my website as a logo. You stated that it can be used for personal or commercial use, but I still wanted to let you know.
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Hi. Just to let you know I used your brushes on Left for Red - Continent Map Thank you for making them. :)
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Very nice set :clap: I have just been learning about adding brushes to PS, and these are quite remarkable :nod:
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Been needing something like this. Thank you!
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I use a compass here ( ) *-* :D thank you for sharing these brushes! Credit is given here (… ) (:
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Hello !
I think this brush is really pretty, and I use it in this picture :… .
Thank you very much for the stock !
Lone-Onyx-Stardust's avatar
thank you for uploading this stock 
i have used it here
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Hi! :-) Used it here! :giggle: It's been credited in the credits page!
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Thank you - these are lovely.
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