Candidates spell out plans for recovery, views

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Economic recovery from the ravages of COVID-19 and continuing pandemic safety measures were key topics discussed in a federal election candidates forum held by the Sault Ste. Marie Chamber of Commerce (for Chamber members) at Quattro Hotel & Conference Centre Friday.

NDP candidate Marie Morin-Strom, Liberal Candidate Terry Sheehan, and Conservative Party of Canada candidate Sonny Spina participated in the event.

People’s Party of Canada candidate Kasper Makowski was unable to attend.

Candidates were asked by the Chamber audience (which included many small business owners) how their party, if forming a government after Sept. 20, would “support the private sector as the cornerstone of economic recovery.”

“The NDP plan to provide pharmacare for all and access to dental care and mental health care would help smaller employers retain employees and ensure that they are able to access care when they need it,” Morin-Strom said, pointing to her belief that healthy workers will build a healthy economy.

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