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Old VHS guts

I was bored at work. Then I found an old, extremely old, first generation old VHS deck.... oooooo archaic :o the thing weighs a ton
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mmhhhhmhmmhhh sweetness
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soooooooo elder??????????????
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You are the Artist Man/Woman!

Anybody who can take something prosaic like VHS machine guts and turn them into Art, deserves major kudos.

Would also make an interesting still life subject if you can take the guts out and put them on a table.

Anybody can do flowers or fruit but not too many people show the mysteries inside ordinary items in their home.
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I don't know if I have the stomach to disembowel such a beast. I do love the metropolitan maze that can be found in machine guts though :)

Thanks for the kind word
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So maybe the side view might not be a good as a top down view.

It does beg the question, what sort of goodies are found inside other devices found in the home?

Do dvd players have interesting guts?

I bet devices that have to do some sort of mechanical work like spin things have to have some sort of gearwork. Washing machines, DVD and VHS players would have interesting guts but Ipods or cellphones would not.

If you have access to good or rich neighborhoods, you would have more of a chance to find subjects to study.
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great use of hdr, it brings out all of those hard to see little dark spots and hidden secrets.... :+fav:

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:bow: :D It was a perfect time to whip out the HDR technique...... when isn't there :D
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when someone is waiting for you... to hurry up with all those shots of the same damn thing :D

i'm glad you did whip it out! :)
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I hope this picture is used in some digital art deviation, 'cause this is a really awesome picture and it should be more involved, lmao.
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I could fall into that thing like Tron :D
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lmfao! Yeah! oO omgosh, that'd be so cool. XD Oh, by the way, can you please tell me what your icon is? lmfao You have no idea how long I stared at that thing trying to figure it out. *Dense*
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It is a garden gnome I saw during a trip to England. It is difficult to see but the gnome is a flasher :lmao:
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lmfao ooooooooohhh, thank you! XD
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absolutely! I've got the HDR bug :)
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Me too but I reeally suck at it...
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Hehehe sweet shot :) ... it might be old... but they don't make stuff like they used to.
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That thing could survive a nuke! :D
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hehe, this is pretty cool :)
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very interesting, sandelands:)
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