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Neptune by Xzeit Neptune :iconxzeit:Xzeit 24 15 Yoshitsune  Raphael Gundam by lun616 Yoshitsune Raphael Gundam :iconlun616:lun616 9 0 RyuOn GunBarbatos by lun616 RyuOn GunBarbatos :iconlun616:lun616 33 10 SD Gundam Force Meme by Lokirulz SD Gundam Force Meme :iconlokirulz:Lokirulz 25 35 Zero Winged Knight Licky Start by IzzyBizzyBella Zero Winged Knight Licky Start :iconizzybizzybella:IzzyBizzyBella 1 0 Zaku 2 SD style by Frost-Claw-Studios Zaku 2 SD style :iconfrost-claw-studios:Frost-Claw-Studios 13 0
SDGF - Kishava 02
People were staring at him.
Some in interest, some in awe, but most in confusion. The whispers of 'Is that Zero?', 'Does he always walk?', and 'Why did he change his armor?' were beginning to annoy him, though. Who was this 'Zero'? Another knight? He hadn't seen any other Knight gundams in this city so far. He hadn't even seen other Musha gundams. Only humans and civilian robots. This was just another reminder of how far they were from home.
Yes, they. He'd been sent to this strange world with a companion, but had sadly arrived alone. His friend had to be somewhere in this world, and not too far off, either - the circumstances of their departure wouldn't have allowed otherwise. He just needed to find his friend, and then they could continue with their mission. The knight moved through the streets, feeling quite unnerved by the bounty of technology that surrounded him on every corner. It wasn't the kind of society he was used to, and it just made his homesickness worse.
Eventually, he f
:icongreyscale9:GreyScale9 2 1
SDGF - Kishava 01
This new world wasn't very different than home, the knight decided.
Standing on a small hill, beneath the shade of a tree, staring at the city in the distance, he even decided that it wasn't that bad. If he closed his eyes, he could even pretend he were home. That the city on the horizon was the port city of Leshna. That he were standing on the edge of the foothills of Rhea's Peak. That he could open his eyes and see his friends, and his family, ready to set out for their home city, Kishava.
Oh, Kishava. At the mere thought, his gunsoul ached for home. He missed the cobblestone streets, the architecture of mixed heritages, the familiar sight of Royal Guardsman mingling with artisans and craftsmen on just about every corner….and with these thoughts, the illusion broke. He could no longer pretend this strange land was familiar.
With a sign, the knight opened his blue eyes and turned away. He paused to tug his black and red cape off of the branch that snagged it, and walked down the
:icongreyscale9:GreyScale9 3 1
Portriat of a Gundam by AkiraLance Portriat of a Gundam :iconakiralance:AkiraLance 20 16 SDGF: OH GOD -- Muahahaha by optimusprimus001 SDGF: OH GOD -- Muahahaha :iconoptimusprimus001:optimusprimus001 39 55 Season 1: Baku + Onigiri by optimusprimus001 Season 1: Baku + Onigiri :iconoptimusprimus001:optimusprimus001 29 17 zako leads the way by Combatkaiser zako leads the way :iconcombatkaiser:Combatkaiser 20 8 BAkuuuu Avatar by etaindarmangirl BAkuuuu Avatar :iconetaindarmangirl:etaindarmangirl 5 2 LINEUP by DemandinCompensation LINEUP :icondemandincompensation:DemandinCompensation 10 19 SD Zaku and Futsuka missiles by Darcad SD Zaku and Futsuka missiles :icondarcad:Darcad 22 12



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This is a group for all SD Gundam Force fans as well as of other chibified/SD gundams


:bulletred: MUST be some form of work of the anime SD Gundam Force or a chibified/SDed gundam from any other gundam series. SDGF Fancharacters are allowed.

:bulletblue: NO HUMANS unless from SD Gundam Force!
This is a group about Gundams!

:bulletyellow: Submit your piece to the RIGHT category, otherwise we will decline your submission!! If you are unsure which category to submit to, ask an administrator.
---The Featured folder is for any drawn fan art (drawings, paintings, etc) of canon SD Gundam Force characters. No comics, stamps, wallpapers, original characters, action figures ect.

:bulletpurple: Each person can only submit up to 7 works to the club a week. That way people's boxes are NOT overflowing with submissions.

:bulletgreen: If it is mature, please have it marked mature. Suggestive is okay but if it is flat out gore/graphic Yaoi (boy-love) or Yuri (girl-love), it is not acceptable. Sorry.

:bulletorange:It is NEVER okay for you use someone else's character or art without their permission, especially when reposting to another site w/o notifying the creator. You must ALWAYS ask the creator first. Offenders will be warned and then kicked and banned if they do not rectify the matter.

Please keep it in mind some people may not like mature content and may be a younger audience so we're trying to maintain AT MOST a PG-13 feel. We apologize if you feel offended but we're trying to maintain a happy medium.

-Thank you

:star:Members created a SDGF Discord! Here's the invite link:

(The server is run independently from this group. Please be courteous to your fellow SDGF fans and human beings. Be respectful of differences of opinion, let us not act like immature kids)
A little late but there is a new Gundam show out that features some SD gundam characters, as well as cameos of SDGF characters! It's the anime Gundam Build Divers! Be sure to check it out, if at least just for the cameos! You can watch the series on Youtube here… (for subtitles click the "CC" and select the language you want)

On another note:

Just to be clear on rules of conduct:

It is NEVER okay for you use someone else's character or art without their permission, especially when reposting to another site w/o notifying the creator. You must ask them first about reposting (and give proper credit, their name and link to the original art, especially if they say so). This means not turning another person's OC into your RP character and completely butchering it instead of making your own without even asking for permission. Or using someone's art out of context and acting like it's yours.

This is not tolerated in this group or in our affiliate :iconsd-gundam-fcs: as it is basically art theft. Members will be warned and then be kicked and banned if the issue is not rectified within a timely manner.

If you're not certain: Read the author's comments/picture's description and also it doesn't hurt to ask!


PLEASE Submit your piece to the RIGHT category, otherwise we will decline your submission!! If you are unsure which category to submit to, ask an administrator.

Just submitting to "Featured" does not count. I will be closing the Featured folder in the future to prevent this. Please help us stay organized.
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