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Patreon -

My patreon is doing pretty well. Halfway to my goal. The $1 dollar tier interactive story is getting some positive reception too. Hopefully more will join us as we go on.

Inkbunny -

My true main gallery as far as I'm concerned. The second largest following I have is on there so I hope it'll one day become as huge as what I have here.

Furaffinity -

It's further along then some of the others but not by a ton. I'm going to be uploading a lot of stuff to this page still.

Tumblr -

It's growing a bit but I could always have more. Come and check it out as it's going to be one ultimate gallery for me as well. -

It's in the same state as the tumblr only there seems to be more people catching on and a lot faster. Which is great. -

An extra site. It's fur related too but it's still more free then here. It won't let me upload stuff at the moment so it's halted for a bit. I wasn't getting much traffic there anyway though.

And that's it. Check em out.

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Don't Have One
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Too Many Movies
Favourite TV Shows
I Suppose that'd be One Piece and the Japanese Version of Sonic X. Maybe.
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
The only band name I know the name of that I actively listen to is Crush 40 from the Sonic games. Not into much radio music.
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The One Piece Manga
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Eiichiro Oda
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Sonic Heroes
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Unconsciousness and Seeing Stars
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Pretending to be Knocked Out

Please Don't Ask for Requests.

Please Don't Ask for Requests.

Here I am, on the cusp of almost completeing the previous commission which still needs a story added to it. Look out for a story on the Gatomon and Patamon picture, coming soon. As I contemplate the work I thought I had completed, the thought occurs to me that despite how hard that picture was to complete there's very little rest headed my way because I've got about 10 more people to get to on my commission list. The very next one on the list is another picture with multiple characters and a detailed background on it and that'll take a few days at the very least. On top of that, there's all the weekly and monthly patreon stuff I'm doing. Fil

Okay, so I guess I'm gonna talk about Eclipse.

Okay, so I guess I'm gonna talk about Eclipse.

I wasn't at all enthusiastic about the site changing the way it was going to change but I didn't outright complain about it either. You know, I saw a few benefits. I noticed that my pictures finally look like they have a better resolution in both the browser and mobile versions. Took Deviantart long enough I guess. Uhm... apparently you can make polls without needing to pay for anything so... I guess that's neat (although, you could just link your audience to a free polling site still...). I... guess that's it. Still, I told myself that things would be fine eventually and I'd just learn to get used to Deviantart's new look and the way I'm supposed to navigate things but uhm... that's changed now. I tried looking for my gallery on my phone. I found it when I went on my laptop but I literally can not find the tab that takes me to my personal fucking gallery on the mobile version of this new site. I've got two tabs of two lists on both sides and the drop menus are all for different

Pictures for $1 on Patreon!

Pictures for $1 on Patreon!

Hello all. Normally, I don't update you with Patreon news but this is a pretty big deal. My generous patrons cast their votes due to a proposal I made and they're all cool with it. Now, if you decide to support the lowest tier on my Patreon, for a single dollar, you can get access to an exclusive full colored character image every single month AS WELL AS the stories that I write on there at a regular basis. The stories will now be bi-weekly to make up for this but I there's already over 130+ stories in my backlog by now and I make each chapter pretty significantly long. Plus, because of this, if you're on a higher tier, you still get what y

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