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As I plan on setting up a triple boot on my computer once the new versions of Windows, OS X, and Linux become released, I decided an update to my rEFIt/rEFInd boot screen was in order. This theme is inspired by both iOS 7 and Windows 8 interfaces.

rEFIt's development has been halted for a while now; a maintained for of it called rEFInd is available as a suggested replacement.

I created the theme using current themes/guides as a base, but have not thoroughly tested it. If there are any issues, please let me know and I'll see what I can do. Instructions for how to set up the theme are in the package, as well as instructions for how to set up OS-specific icon profiles (useful for linux distros).

The theme contains icons for the following operating systems:
 - macOS (OS X)
 - Windows 7 and older
 - Windows 8 and newer
 - Chrome OS
 - FreeBSD
 - Arch Linux
 - Android
 - Antergos
 - CentOS
 - Debian
 - Deepin
 - Elementary OS
 - Fedora
 - Kali Linux
 - Linux Mint
 - Mageia
 - Manjaro
 - Mandriva
 - NetBoot/iPXE
 - OpenSUSE
 - PC Linux OS
 - Puppy Linux
 - Red Hat
 - Sabayon
 - Slackware
 - Solus
 - Steam OS
 - Ubuntu Flavours
     - Ubuntu
     - Xubuntu
     - Lubuntu
     - Kubuntu
     - Edubuntu
     - Ubuntu Studio
     - Ubuntu Mate
     - Ubuntu Budgie
 - Zorin
 - General Linux Distributions (Generic Tux)
 - Legacy Operating Systems (Generic Icon)
 - General Other/Unknown

More operating system icons may be added in future updates.

February 10, 2018
    - Added Netboot (both tool and os icons)

August 7, 2017
    - Added Ubuntu Flavours
        - Xubuntu
        - Lubuntu
        - Kubuntu
        - Edubuntu
        - Ubuntu Studio
        - Ubuntu Mate
        - Ubuntu Budgie
    - Added Antergos
    - Added CentOS
    - Added Deepin
    - Added Zorin
    - Added Solus

June 23, 2017
    - Added new Elementary os and boot icons
    - Renamed previous thin elementary icons to elementary_alt

April 4, 2015
    - Added Android icon (os_android.png) for Android_x86 users

February 10, 2015
    - Copied os_win.png to os_win8.png for compatibility with rEFInd 0.8.6

October 22, 2014:
    - Changed Kali icon to a thicker, more basic variation of the logo
    - Added alternate (traditional) Linux Mint logo

May 26, 2014:
    - Linux OS/boot icons changed to a tux variation
    - Shell tool icon added
    - Renamed backtrack icons to kali

December 25, 2013:
    - Windows and Linux Mint icons have been downscaled slightly to be more visually appealing.
    - Several boot icons have been included for graphical boot (notes have been added to the readme file for how to create additional boot icons).
    - Added resolution-scaled backgrounds.  Simply designate the background corresponding to your mac's native resolution (as discussed in the readme file).

© 2013 - 2023 sdbinwiiexe
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It looks like font are not included.