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Random Update
Jumping right into it, two new sentient races:
Create illusions of magic. They can create other illusions, but only by creating things that shouldn’t be able to exist are the illusions not seen through almost immediately. For a while it seemed like they got the short end of the stick as far as race specific abilities, but when magic was introduced to the world during the 3rd age their power escalated. Unfortunately the barbaric nature of the west and limited numbers forced them to go into hiding, and in large groups they were able to create sufficiently deceptive illusions to hide their location through the ages.
Horrific little creatures that collect random parts of of fresh corpses, reanimate them using electrical pulses their threadlike limbs can generate, and voila, random corpse piece creature. They take the nerve tissue within discarded body parts to use in forming their own bodies, brain matter can be used to create offspring. They do in fact eat brains. It wa
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More Lore
The Time Before
Long ago, before the planet where we now stand, had even been conceived, there were two distinct dimensions home to beings who where neither man nor god. These beings were separated by the fact that while some were chaotic and without rules, the others were strict and unforgiving. They each existed separately with no knowledge of the other until one of the chaotic ones broke through the boundaries of their own existence, and the two realms were revealed as one. This knowledge tortured each and every one of these beings, as there can be no perfect chaos when peace exists, and there can be no perfect order while chaos persists. And so the two groups did battle for time immeasurable, until finally order claimed victory, and the tranquil ones scattered themselves about the universe. But during their endless conflict, a new realm formed out of the bodies of the fallen, and their breath had given it life. Normally when the conflict of their creations reached its conclusion, t
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Ultimate Update
With some techs including demon updates, and some sort of quest line with characters or something (wow), so check it out
Also I added a very brief summary to demon classes descriptions because those got pretty long.
A nearly forgotten charon power that allows for the use of blood magic during daylight hours. I’m not totally set on the exact soul price, but it would be something along the lines of 1 soul per day, for each blood magic tech used. When using this tech, rather then the typical red color the magical effects and the blood being manipulated take on a very dark purplish black tone.
I changed doppelganger again:
Possess living things. Shapeshift into things you’ve possessed.
Passive: Always have on their person, a number of ~Thistles~. When a Thistle pierces the flesh of another being, the doppelganger will take control of their flesh a short time (time based on user/target WP and INT). After leaving the body, the form of the host is stored in the pre
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More Techs (and some west stuff)
Quite a few techs this time around.
Increase the power of all your chi based techs (shounen, monk, all chi alignment) based on the power level of your opponent, BUT you lose power when fighting weaker opponents. Enemy strength is calculated based on techs, each tech is worth 1-10 points depending on rarity. Current enemy is determined by physical contact or impact with chi based effects. The maximum power level you can reach is based solely on WP.
Chi Master:
Another part of the Grandmaster tech that can be learned on it's own. Decrease the sp cost increase when learning multiple chi alignment techs. It’s recommended that you get one rank in this tech for each of that type of tech you intend to learn. Each rank decreases the extra cost by 25%, but the refund applies retroactively to all techs learned since the last rank increase. Also the maximum chi pool is doubled with each rank.
Makes two copies of user, one is colored red and has all the users combat techs
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Sovereign (The Witch) by Scyther2000 Sovereign (The Witch) :iconscyther2000:Scyther2000 1 0
Update (characters + techs)
A couple rare, quest exclusive, techs
One who has immersed themselves in the Pool of Majesty (see locations). These people will never age or succumb to disease. They do have better stats generally, but they can still be killed by the sword and whatnot.
Will literally never die. Gained by completing Bastille’s main quest line.
Take any number of lives on a whim. Gained by completing the Epicure’s main quest line.
And the next demon class rework!
Wraith(formerly Imp):
Passive: Cast Shadow
The shadows you cast become entities from your collection. AOE increases the amount of shadows you can cast at once and the total number you can collect. Cast shadows can be destroyed and summoned again after a somewhat lengthy cooldown. Rip shadows from a person or object by destroying it. The brighter it is in an area, the stronger shadow entities become. Every wraith has access to wings and a dagger from the beginning.
Shadow constructs cannot effect sources of lig
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More of this by Scyther2000 More of this :iconscyther2000:Scyther2000 2 0 World Inspirations by Scyther2000 World Inspirations :iconscyther2000:Scyther2000 1 0
SAI Technology Rundown and More
At the start of the game they are primarily just dieselpunk and some runework stuff. Then over the course of the game they develop new forms of technology because they are the city of progress. Advancements are faster if the player themselves get involved with the SAI story line. The most prominent advancements are in bioengineering and integrating magic in with the machines. Eventually they discover a power source akin to nuclear fusion. They utilize this power for a short time before one individual creates the ultimate mechanical/magic fusion. This new technology revolutionizes everything and puts SAI solidly into Sci-fi/cyberpunk levels of tech.
New techs:
(all super secret level)
~Techno wizard~
Blink - instant teleportation.
Element 1 - Manipulate pure energy. Takes a form like many lasers and such seen throughout sci-fi (lightsabers)
Element 2 - Control individual machines directly. Physical movements indicate motions of the machine. For smaller things this means just moving hand
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The Gods of the First Age (+random stuff)
When the gods first created the world of Torrah, they used the same power to make vessels for them to inhabit in this plane. Their forms were undetermined, and their power is unmatched, as it required full access to the nascent force to create them. Many of them were destroyed during the forgotten war and then between Dread, PT, Fae Mother, and Syanan, there are very few, if any, remaining.  
They each had one trait witch was not adherent to the normal laws of the universe. Over time some of them were given titles based on that trait. For example, one who was able to destroy objects with a glance would be given the title “god of destruction”. In ancient times the two groups were known as “gods” and “goddesses”, but as of the third age they were known by their true names; demons and fairies. Not all gods were equal, many of them, especially the more powerful ones, had lesser subservient ones following them around
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Tentative Timeline
DRaCC forms relations with SAI
Enclave forms
Sanctuary falls (player’s story begins)
Dragon attacks and destroys Sei City
Market expands to a legit city controlled by the newly formed merchant’s guild
The Knights begin aggressively recruiting and form an alliance with the enclave to increase both of their overall potential.
The next few years are kinda straightforward with most factions simply increasing their overall strength, as villainous demons become far less numerous.
The Light guild forms
Dark city is constructed on the southern continent
Things just start going down the drain again at this point, as demon hearts become fairly difficult to obtain,
The charon unite as a single force to combat the ever growing resistance once and for all
The elven kingdom falls into ruin after a devastating civil war
When Dark City is destroyed, it becomes evident that this world may be beyond hope
The two largest factions, SAI City and the Enclave, begin preparations for war
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Update to fairy glyphs and 2.5 demon classes!
Fairies are normally fairly weak, but they have a god form they can take that increases their connection to their home realm, giving them access to all the “passive” fairy glyphs, as well as higher wis dex and spd, but lower strength and constitution. By default they always have access to one of the “active” fairy glyphs. Their god form is like traditional fairies, while there torrahn form is more like lotr elves. Can’t use fusion or undead techs.
Torrent: Control over water
Wind: Control over air.
Portals: same as before
Light wield: Shape nearby light into a tangible substance and craft objects out of it.
Give: Same as before
Faerie's boon: Give requests that grant some kind of boost if they are fulfilled.
Life giver: AOE heal that takes life from the user. Combo: big bonus to touching
Refraction: Contact with water decreases their visibility. Completely submerged = invisible.
Flight: Enables flight. Max rank allows for ludicrous speeds, like mac
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Many new characters and some other stuff
Ritualist: By far the oldest form of magic, perform complex rituals based around the position of celestial bodies and the material composition of specific items, to influence the nascent force in a variety of ways.
Crystalist: Someone who is proficient in the art of growing and refining magical crystals. Both the multifaceted (I just got that) ~Chrystals~ and the magic nullifying Voidstone.
Chin Na: The art of using pressure points to hinder and disable opponents.
Vengeance guy
Notelf/cannibal|Shrive| Telekinetic(max), Savage, Assassin, Acrobat(high),
Weapon of choice is a chain with barbed spikes on each end, wrapped around his waist for high mobility. His parents, who are still living in their home in the west,  instilled in him a deep understanding of his people’s culture, which includes a very extreme sense of pride in sed culture. When he learned that the majority of his race had been destroyed by demons centuries ago, his quest of vengeance began. Ge
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Two new techs! And some boring lore stuff.
Archivist: The current bearer of a magical stone tablet, etched in which is all the knowledge of the known world...  several thousand years ago. It really just serves as a device for players to learn the history and lore of the various locations and things in the world, but it may also reveal some interesting things for those who are interested in that sort of thing. The way it works is that the tablet will only reveal the knowledge of a specific thing once you inscribe the current and updated information of that thing, which it does automatically as soon as you encounter it. So it’s sorta like a pokedex I guess, just for the entire world.
Symbiote: Enter a symbiotic relationship with an incredibly unique creature that will act as a sort of exosuit/second skin. The suit can protect you from harm, shape shift into simple objects, and can even learn most techs. One of the more complicated techs to acquire, but it’s also extremely weird, so there’s that. First you m
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Recent Character Additons
Every civilization has their idols, and SAI has these. Even though their differences often cause tension between them, they never let it affect their performances, because if there's one thing they all share in common it’s an intense desire for fame and fortune.
Human| Hypnotist, Charmer, Galvanizer, Merchant, Rogue
Stuck up, narcissistic and cruel, but always kind and charming in front of fans.
Guitar/backup vocals
Demon|Siren[fissure, tremors, sonic], Explosives expert, Drug fiend(high),
Excessively violent and loud. Not to the point that it’s frightening, just enough to be cool.
Everything else
Skydweller|Bard, Monk healer, Telekinetic, Spell binder,
Overly emotional and somewhat depressing, but easily the most musically talented of them.
Merfolk| Athlete, Brute, Knight, Sea folk, Monster hunter, Shounen
First form: Water nymph(high rank),
A brash and cocky hero type. Back in the tiny lagoon he came from he was quite proficient at beating up the tiny
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Demonic Counterpart to Angels. Finally.
Phantoms: Spirits bound to this realm and forced to remain here until their work is complete. The primary cause is the ancient curse initially placed on the dwarven race so that they would be forced to slave away by the will of their demon masters until the day they die and then some.
The only thing they are able to effect directly is a very specific metal created by demons, but they are able to summon spirit fire and briefly possess living bodies.
Exorcism does work on them, or alternatively they can be killed using the metal mentioned above.
Some other random details:
If dwarves feel they have unfinished business then they stay, otherwise they go. Learning the angel tech could backfire and you might get stuck as a phantom. After they lost their religious ambitions, many dwarves choose to take great pride in their homes, and the kingdoms that they built. Due to this, there are many grand dwarven halls dug all across Torrah, most of them filled to the brim with phantoms. Many of the gr
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