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I don't know why or how anyone would get under the impression that I think anything bad about Stanton as a person, and you can hang onto me saying so. We had one disagreement years ago but it wasn't about him being "offensive" or anything...he's no conservative or bigot of any kind, he's just a passionate nature lover and artist who never bothers anybody.

I just said one little thing about us having had a disagreement, without going into detail, and my guess is that people assumed the very worst because I'm "known" for getting mad at people over really heavy issues.

EVERY disagreement I get into isn't always about bigotry or creep behavior, sometimes people might just have a personal, subjective difference over something that shouldn't be any concern to anybody else.
I can see that just about everyone I follow (that I checked up on, anyway) and even a few people who used to fight with me are all on the same page - that there's creepy fucking shit going on in this country right now.

America was once the "hero" country that devastated the Nazis. Only 70 years later, we've got neonazis celebrating in our streets because they feel that they've just "won" this country. Not just a bunch of memers posting pepes on fringe message boards; actual, dead serious Hitler sympathizers coming out in the open to say they're taking over America.

Whether they're capable of that or not, the fact that they feel that way is not normal. I've never seen this in my lifetime. Neither have my parents.

I don't think I'm going back to posting art here, but I'm around if you ever need to talk. Even if we used to fight about something or other - even if you used to argue on the side of neofascism, jokingly or otherwise - I won't judge you or gloat if you're now seriously worried about things getting out of hand and you just need somebody to privately vent to. You can always hit me up through my email.
After a couple years of scattered back and forth arguing, I had a really nice conversation with :iconkajm: and we both agree we'd rather put it to rest. My early impressions of him were pretty tainted; while we don't feel the same way about climate change, he's not a conspiracy theorist about it and doesn't think scientists are evil schemers or anything. There are certainly a lot of open questions in regards to both how much of an impact humans have and what exactly is going to come of it, it can just be difficult sometimes to talk about these issues without going too far in one direction or the other.

There's other people on DA I've had much worse fights with, but most have lost interest over time and I honestly barely remember what was said in most of them. I never meant to sound so extreme on some subjects, or even totally realized I came across that way. I'm cleaning out my journal of anything related to debate, politics, tragedies or health scares; it's not that I don't care anymore or that my stances have all totally changed, but I'd rather my DA account just be a pleasant place for stuff that makes me happy, rather than stuff that gives me anxiety or worry.

That said, I'm still not sure I'll keep using DA as an art platform or not. It makes a nice record of over a decade of my life, but I've had a lot better results on my own website.
Like a majority of other artists I know, I just haven't found Deviantart that effective as a sharing platform these past few years; it just seemed like it was still the only real option for the longest time. Anyone who follows me seriously enough might already know this, but I post art exclusively on my own website these days, where I get a whole lot more feedback and write an ongoing fiction series. I'm also using Patreon for even more art, since we don't have anywhere we can work where we're currently living. If you need details, you can message me!

It's funny to come by here and see tons of messages and notifications from people either asking where I am (I didn't know you cared!) or raging over trivial disagreements from even years ago; even a guy who jumped on his wife's personal account to write several thousand words to me about environmentalism before re-blocking me, on a journal that was never even about him - and was already adequately sourced against all counterclaims.

I'll never figure out why a small sect of DA users think I'm so terrifying and extreme. I don't agree with extremists on either side of any subject I've ever touched on, and users anywhere else think I'm just an average moderate. People talk about Reddit and Tumblr as being rife with different kinds of fanatic, but I've honestly seen the absolute worst of both the right and the left here on Deviantart, for the whole decade+ that I've had an account.

I've said it time and again but I'm genuinely sorry if I've ever actually hurt someone's feelings or made them feel threatened just by getting mad at them on this website. I only know of one person who's said they felt that affected by me, and I still don't know how or why, but maybe there's a few other people who hide it because, for whatever reason, they actually think I'm that scary or that serious over mere political differences. I've used harsh wording, sure, but they're still only words on a throwaway website (let's face it, DA is clunky, unpopular, and poorly moderated - nothing here is all that important) and I'm probably only 5% as aggressive over these things now as I was even a year ago. I never even felt as aggressive as I must have sounded all that time; there are plenty of people I can still be friends with if we don't agree on this or that.

I've gotten really good news on the RPG (that one!) that I still have to keep secret, but work is definitely reaching its climax and moving into the final stages of polishing illustrations, assembling the book itself and debating exactly when and where to release it. It's taken years, I know, but the entire design team is only about three people and they've all got day jobs; they've still worked pretty long and hard wherever they could afford it. The main monster archive on bogleech has been somewhat overhauled and will continue to see changes and reorganization in the coming months, and I've been doing at least two new, fully colored monsters per month as well. I'm always taking suggestions for stuff people want to see - specific animals or plants, etc. - that might not have crossed my mind.
Still coming, honest! CPR studios is in the later stages of perfecting the gameplay system. It's an entirely original one that they hope to also apply to any future game worlds they create.
I'm still working on it, but I've combined all 422 horror stories submitted to Bogleech into a single page:

It's in alphabetic order, sort of; I copy-pasted the multiple archives together and the individual letters aren't in perfect order.

Read some horror!!
If you wanna help me out and would like my awful monsters on your car or laptop or the back of your toilet or something I've started a redbubble account with 50+ vinyl stickers of recent Mortasheen monsters, Halloween stuff, parasites and other color art!…

These are average size vinyl decals for 2.80 each, unless you buy six or more, in which case redbubble gives you half off the entire order! That's like, ten stickers for $14!
If there are any particular monsters you think I should spruce up, feel free to point them out. I have a few dozen re-poses to full redesigns sketched, but if there's anything I missed that people really think needs improving, I'll definitely see what I can do.

And I know I say this a lot, but the game is still coming along! I've even been drawing some additional art for it in the meantime, and continuing to fiddle with some of its character designs.
It's finally happened - after over ten years and 500+ Mortasheen Monsters, I've largely set aside paper and pencil. I clung to it out of habit, and there's still several ways in which I think the pencil stuff looks a little more charming, but going all digital has been on my mind for a couple years now.

Thoughts? Tips?
I've written over fifty articles, loads of fiction and produced hundreds of new drawings this Halloween season, but much of it couldn't be shared on Deviantart without spoiling the whole experience!

To see all our interactive stories and puzzles on one page, go here:
My friends at Cat Powered Raygun studios have made a big devlog post here… which has a lot to say!

We still can't promise a release date just yet, but we're teetering right on the edge of knowing for sure. When we do, I'll be making a pretty huge announcement of it. You definitely won't miss it if you're even passingly interested!

You can direct any questions about the game to Jacob Cales on my forums here:…

And if there's any story/world/monster stuff you want to know from me, you can ask it here!
Since I'm tired of yelling about wrong people on an internet, I will answer absolutely any question posed here about arthropods.

Serious scientific inquiries, silly musings, pet rearing, anatomy questions, even things about bug-type pokemon if you want. If it's even tenuously connected to organisms with chitinous exoskeletons, I will answer sincerely.

I have a tumblr blog for this very thing, but you can ask here too if you aren't a tumblererer.
A kickstarter is up for the third series of Outlandish Mini Figure Guys, featuring a rotten mushroom guy I designed! OMFG comes out with five figures at a time, each conceived by a different artist. A $10 pledge to the kickstarter will also buy you all five figures (and cover shipping if you're in the U.S.) in fleshy pink plastic!…
The Bogleech creepypasta/general horror-writing competition was a MASSIVE MASSIVE success, with *days* worth of reading sent in and pretty much all of it positively excellent!

You can find the whole archive and contest winners here:…

Late stories are still being added for a while yet!
Over the next two months, in celebration of HALLOWEEN 2, I'll be accepting entries for's first-ever CREEPYPASTA writing contest…

Just send me a disturbing story, or multiple stories, of any length (even if it's only one line!) and of any subject matter, and I'll eventually put them up on bogleech, with some prizes outlined in the link!

It is STRONGLY ENCOURAGED that your story be new to the internet and not already posted anywhere else.

It is GENTLY ENCOURAGED that you draw inspiration from something on bogleech, but that's a pretty broad umbrella anyway, since by now bogleech has talked about brain parasites, undead, creepy video games, enigmatic Halloween decorations and myriad other weirdos. You could even work a Mortasheen monster into some other setting, or give something from the Halloween toy reviews a baffling new background story.

None of these guidelines are as important as just writing what you most want to write, as long as you think it's disturbing!

The link includes some general-purpose tips on good creepypasta, but you don't have to follow those either.



I'm uploading a new Mortasheen monster EVERY DAY from October 1st to the 31st, counting down to Halloween! This is in addition to the frequent articles and other special Halloween features I already began in September, so keep checking the site or this very DA gallery!
The Mortasheen role playing game is coming along very smoothly, and the publishers have put up a bunch of sneaky preview things on their facebook page along with a poll - I wound up drawing two different designs for the same character, so you can vote on which will be used in the book!
Aw, heck, I do this in my sleep!

From :iconargema-brassingtonei:

Order unimportant

100) Pterobranch
99) Snuffbox mussel
98) Ant-larva mimic fly
97) Mola mola
96) Janthina (violet sea snail)
95) Tripod fish
94) Whale mouth fish
93) Myxozoa
92) Tortoise beetles
91) Hippopotamus
90) Kiwi
89) Sole
88) Goblin shark
87) Frog-eating beetle
86) Lernaean anchor worms
85) Ommatokoita elongata (shark "eye worm")
84) Phronima
83) Giant deep-sea seed shrimp
82) Giant isopod
81) Sea pig
80) Flamboyant cuttlefish
79) Squilla
78) Moloch
77) Gharial
76) River opossum
75) Boto
74) Narwhal
73) Walrus
72) Whip spider
71) Termites
70) Assassin spider
69) Tree asp or puss caterpillar
68) Predatory bagworm (perisceptis carnivora)
67) Antlion
66) Carnivorous sponge
65) Basket star
64) Botflies
63) Mosquito
62) Tiger beetle
61) Blister beetle
60) Larvacean
59) Sea spider
58) Fly-trap anemone
57) Predatory tunicate
56) Stargazer
55) Mudskipper
54) Blind cave salamanders
53) Remipede
52) Bobbit worm
51) Pig butt worm (pugaporcinus)
50) Zombie snot flower (Osedax)
49) Pterotrachea
48) Clione
47) Ghost slug
46) Hooded nudibranch
45) Orchid mantis
44) Skeleton shrimp
43) Cookie cutter shark
42) Strepsiptera
41) Hydrozoans (all of them)
40) Beroid comb jelly
39) Earwigs
38) Centipedes
37) Silverfish
36) Cockroaches
35) Hairless bat
34) Aye-aye
33) Burying beetle
32) Barnacles (all of them)
31) Solifugid
30) Jewel squid
29) Naked mole rat
28) Star nosed mole
27) Velvet worm
26) Opabinia
25) Surinam toad
24) Leeches
23) Lamprey
22) Planarians (in general)
21) Placozoa
20) Moss animals
19) Rotifers
18) Tardigrade (water bear)
17) Mealybug
16) Flightless bat fly (both unrelated varieties)
15) Blood fluke
14) Tapeworm
13) Tick
12) Louse
11) Spookfish
10) Tube-eye
9) Pelican eel
8) Wolf-trap anglerfish
7) Ceratoid anglerfish
6) Hagfish
5) Blowflies
4) Fleas
3) Vampyroteuthis infernalis (vampire squid)
2) Cymothoa exigua ("tongue biter" isopod)
1) Leucochloridium paradoxum ("zombie snail" parasite)
If you're not a regular visitor to, I've been posting a new Halloween-related something or other every single day since the last week of September. Sometimes it's not bigger than a blog post, sometimes it's a whole new article. You can follow them most easily on my blogger or twitter!/bogleech right now!

Two more coloring books are coming, though they're just the existing book split into two for a bit cheaper. One will concentrate all the darkest, most adult imagery and the other will be MILDLY more kid-friendly.

I might tackle making some videos for the first time, since that's the kind of thing the internet really likes these days. You might hear my dumb voice talk about something useless!


There are several monsters recognized as Halloween's primary "mascots." Specifically vampires, werewolves, mummies, Frankenstein's monster, the grim reaper, witches, ghosts and skeletons. What other monsters do you think would most fit in with this bunch, and make the most sense to start showing up as Halloween costumes, treats, toys and decorations every year? This will be the subject of one of my articles on Bogleech closer to the day itself, though it's already written. It's based more on an objective evaluation of monsters than my personal tastes alone, and it'd be interesting to see if anyone picks some of the same creatures.


What classic monsters would you like to see represented in Mortasheen? I already have a batch planned for Halloween, so again I'm just seeing if anyone is like-minded, but maybe enough suggestions will sway me to add more. Naturally, they will be just barely recognizable in the end.
In case you missed it, I released a child-unfriendly horror coloring book last year on lulu… for 6.66 in real paper or 2.22 as a download. Sales haven't been bad, but I hope I can give them a bit of a boost this year.

By October, I hope to have between twenty and fifty new coloring pages to split between at least two new "editions," possibly with fewer pages (and a lower price) each. One will leave out the most violent and mature pages, while the other will kick them up just a little notch (see uploads). Both will still offer a mix of innocent Halloween fun and abhorrent images of torturous death, but one will be just a little easier to pass off as a legitimate children's book. Both will have much prettier new covers.