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Published: March 28, 2010
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The Penanggalan is a traditional vampire from the folklore of Malaysia (and one of my all-time favorite monsters), consisting of a woman's disembodied head and entrails. It is said to fly at night, hunting for the blood of infants, pregnant women and even the unborn. An identical spirit, the Krasue, exists in Thai mythology, and a male version was spoken of in ancient China. These vampires have appeared in many overseas horror films and the world famous Dungeons and Dragons roleplaying game!

This is a real vampire, kids. This is something real people really believed was going to come for their blood in centuries past. Vampires are not sexy punk teens. Vampires are bizarre, inhuman, decomposing parasites, and throughout the thousands of vampire legends around the world, they are rarely even human in appearance at all.
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tophxomiHobbyist General Artist
It's amazing that you managed to make a Penanggalan cute.
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IronBrony1981Professional Digital Artist
She looks magnificent!!:iconhrtplz:
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Cute and gruesome simultaneously...I like. :)
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snow-melonStudent Writer
Scythemantis, the more I look through your stuff, the more creeped out I get. Also, I like you more an more. I can't believe you knew about this thing: I read about it on SCP (It's SCP 1000 and something). I know that it's a real creature though. If I'm not mistaken, the D&D variant messes with its folklore a bit. My favorite part is it's actually very cute, and aside from being a pile of organs, it's not too bad to look at. Kinda like Gurdy in The Binding of Isaac.

Funny thing, I'm actually using these babies as a new creature variant in MTG. They'll come in all colors, but mostly Red Blue and Black. I'll be uploading them likely this week,

Dang man, I'm favoriting this.
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scythemantisHobbyist General Artist
Yeah, I first learned of them from the old school D&D fiend folio, but didn't realize, somehow, that they were from mythology until a kid's book about vampires mentioned them (but didn't show them, perhaps for obvious reason)

It occurs to me it might be interesting if they had different organs. Like one has the usual intestines, another has a heart and vascular system dangling, another just huge lungs or something and they'd drain different things, perhaps, like blood, breath, flesh, energy, etc. :D
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GravidtronHobbyist General Artist
Three years later I stir this thread this to ask: was it THIS book?
That's where I first heard about penanggalans too, and kappas, and kitsune and a whole bunch of other stuff-- not to mention crazy things like the Watermelon Baby. This book was a godsend!
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snow-melonStudent Writer
So far I have a scout type one that can attack the turn you play it, a heavier one that has attack priority, and a matriarch that can generate additional penanggalans. The mythic rare penanggalan is called "Hui, Feeder of the Masses". Basically, when creatures get sacrificed by your opponent, it and other penanggalans get a boost. It flies like the others, but it also has annihilator, which makes you opponent sacrifice stuff when you attack. Also, it can directly make your opponent sacrifice creatures.

Aside from those, I made a few other cards that support penanggalans, such as the jar of vinegar. Sadly, my scanner is broken so I won't be able upload my art until I have access to one.
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PlayboyVampireHobbyist Digital Artist
She's adorable :3
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I only discovered penanggalans by accident, but they've recently become one of my favourite beasties. That shirt is pretty much the top of my presents list for the winter holidays.
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scythemantisHobbyist General Artist
Daww I'm flattered! :D
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Orima-KazooieHobbyist Traditional Artist
I actually made a creature based on these, I'd be honored if you'd check it out and tell me what you think: [link]
Orima-Kazooie's avatar
Orima-KazooieHobbyist Traditional Artist
I actually made a creature based on these, and I'd be honored if you'd check it out and tell me what you think: [link]
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I... I'm sorry, Sharifah, I-It's just not working out between us. I know, I know about the abortion clinic, but it's not about that. It's about... how to say this... bodies. You don't have one. I can't keep coming up with explanations for all the congealed fluids when my friends come over, I lose a whole lot of sleep when you go out to eat and I have to clean up your trail... Can we still be friends?
Orima-Kazooie's avatar
Orima-KazooieHobbyist Traditional Artist
And the scariest part is that it sparkles. Sound familiar?
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Foxfire5634Professional Filmographer
lol I used to have a character who was a penanggalan. Her name was Mah'Yunga
Emotionettesplz's avatar
Twilight fan: Does it sparkle? No. Is it dreamy? No.
Me: Is it cool? Yes. Can it beat YOUR vampires? Yes. You have a brain? No.
Orima-Kazooie's avatar
Orima-KazooieHobbyist Traditional Artist
Sadly, it does sparkle.
But, as all Penangallan are female, and this is the only vampire that does sparkle, what does that say bout Edward? :lmao:
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machine-83Hobbyist Artist
Awesome! That may be the cutest Pananggallan I've ever seen. XD Love this, great work!
emissaryofhatred's avatar
Its cute in a disturbing kind of way, i love all your work!
karex303's avatar
I just read the description and noticed it saying that theres a male version of a penanggalan. Do you know what it's called? D|
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scythemantisHobbyist General Artist
The Kephn, which I think is burmese. It's a wizard's head and stomach, and said to suck out human souls.
karex303's avatar
Oh cool! You have such a vast knowledge with penanggalans it's as if you met one.
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malaysian-catHobbyist General Artist
and i thought the "Pontianak" was worse
or the "Orang Minyak"
but this...
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