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Mortasheen - Katydread

By scythemantis
CLASS: Insectoid.

The fusion of a human with a grasshopper or katydid. This insectoid will never stop eating so long as a steady supply of food (any chewable organic matter) is available. Like the Jeremiad, a mechanism in its body produces a repetitive "song" accompanied by a telepathic signal. In this case, the song forces other creatures to "dance" awkwardly towards its hungry source.

When angered, it regurgitates its current meal in a vile-smelling froth.
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© 2007 - 2021 scythemantis
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I would like to curse in words expressing awesomeness but I must refrain...
Instead a whisper...
OuthouseInferno's avatar
I love how the eyes look! I imagine its eyes and hands flailing everywhere as it moves about.
SpydrXIII's avatar
i don't remember him at all. did you change the image? how did he get passed me?!
scythemantis's avatar
Yeah changed the pic from a more dull one :p
SpydrXIII's avatar
by dull do you mean faded lines, or you re drew 'em?
scythemantis's avatar
A design I just didn't find exciting. I'm not sure I really like this one a whole lot either, but I like it slightly more :p
Silvertide's avatar
Hey... is this one violent or harmful to humans? You didn't say in the description... although we people are "chew-able organic matter" so maybe you already answered my question through implication.
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This is prolly the first one that actually disturbed me.
Therefore I heart it.
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can't say I like this one.
scythemantis's avatar
I don't like how its eyes look.
frozenverdugo's avatar
I like the mouth worm thing and the armour, but the overall effect is kinda like something I would do, like it you were tired when you drew it or something. I like the new name.
scythemantis's avatar
It was the hardest one to make at all interesting :p

I changed the name because I'm going to use Katydread for something else now! :D
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holy cow, mega freaky. Do grasshoppers, locust or katydid have an extendable mouth of sorts ?
scythemantis's avatar
No, some insectoid was bound to have one though : p
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