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Mortasheen - Horrida

By scythemantis
CLASS: Insectoid

Fusion of a human with a walkingstick. Though herbivorous, this towering mutant is prone to sudden outbursts of violence, especially if disturbed while eating; and the Horrida will never stop eating so long as vegetation is in reach. When sufficiently agitated, it sprays a gout of hot, sulphuric-smelling acid from its anus and performs a whirling somersault to impale a blinded enemy on its nail-like spurs. Despite its thin and spindly appearance, its appendages are incredibly strong and nearly impossible to break.
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Orima-Kazooie's avatar
Oy, frightening. Is this guy due for an eventual remake? I really liked Dreary too...
scythemantis's avatar
maybe someday! When I get around to it : [
Orima-Kazooie's avatar
Hey, no pressure. Do what you do best, to the best of your ability. If you make us wait, then inevitably there's a good reason for it. :D
zaiux's avatar
Aww, the old version was creepier. Still good though. =D
frozenverdugo's avatar
If Mortasheen ever gets made into a game im making one of these my bitch straight away!
SpydrXIII's avatar
This is pretty badass, definatly my favorite one so far.
possessedtim's avatar
truly awesome, you know walking sticks have really sharp hooks on their feet, but I guess this is the degenerate mutant version :)
scythemantis's avatar
I even them all out between the insect and human portions, though some lean more or less towards one or the other :)
KrewL-RaiN's avatar
That is one heck of a crazy design
ArmiesAgainstMe's avatar
I'd love to see how this thing walks with it's limbs in that order.

A most intriguing design, ol' chap.
IggyHazard's avatar
Australian "spiny devil" or prickly stick insect, correct? :XD:
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