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Hungry Ghost

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A being featuring in Buddhist, Hindu and Shinto religion, which I've written about for the first of several mythology posts on this year's Halloween blogging!
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Kusaregedo? Is that you?
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LE-the-CreatorHobbyist Digital Artist
Oh, hey! I've heard of these things! I think I drew my own interpretation of them once... It was pale and had a stitched up mouth with no other facial features.
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GalacticGoatHobbyist General Artist
:o how interesting. I do love learning about other cultures and their mythology.
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SunjinjoHobbyist General Artist
My first and still kind of only reaction is 'cute!' :D He's just an adorable creaky old man. People should feed him.
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I literally just read the article and here I am again, i'm being haunted by bloated turd-gobblers.
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WinterGoesDraw Digital Artist
why is he.. i'm not even gonna ask lol x_X but how is he a ghost? x_X
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scythemantisHobbyist General Artist
Read the link :p

This is what "hungry ghosts" actually look like in ancient Japanese artwork. When greedy people die, they transform into these starving, corpse-like beings so hungry they'll eat anything at all, and often crave such horrible things as feces, rotten meat or worse.

I gave this one a "leaking" stomach because it seemed to make sense. Hungry Ghosts are cursed to never ever be full.

"Ghosts" in world mythology are often MUCH stranger than this, even. Especially in Japan, where ghosts can look like living umbrellas, giant skeletons, blobs of flesh and all sorts of weird monsters.
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WinterGoesDraw Digital Artist
well i guess i learned some then (Y)
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