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Published: November 5, 2009
© 2009 - 2019 scythemantis

You can also click the comic at [link] for a raw wallpaper version :p

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S0FT-C00KIE's avatar
S0FT-C00KIEHobbyist General Artist
Is being turned into a duck-snail my punishment for taking a nap instead of giving out candy last Halloween? Look, dude, I'm sorry. :shrug: I wish I could have given out candy, but I was exhausted from work that day and I just needed to rest. I promise you- I still adore Halloween, and I will try my very hardest not to let such a travesty happen again.

Please don't trap me in that horrible place as a helpless duck-snail after I die! ^^; 'Cuz I want to go to Rad Skeleton Heaven instead! B-) (Cool)
Omny87's avatar
Omny87Hobbyist Digital Artist
On the inside, #7 is screaming.
ratgirl84's avatar
ratgirl84Professional Traditional Artist
How do you know i'm not already a duck snail... bwahahahaha!
Archbishop01's avatar
*thumbs up* bring on the suffering xDD

This was kindoff funny in a strange way
kecen's avatar
This reminds me of the house where I received a large, fake $100 bill that was actually a religious tract. Helloween indeed. I wonder if it's not just the recession hitting trick-or-treating hard.
snoissesbo's avatar
snoissesbo Traditional Artist
This is epic awesome. All of it.

The banning scary costumes in school one... When I was in 7th grade, i dressed up as a vampire for Halloween and my teacher had me put away the fangs and clean up the fake blood 'cause it was "too scary". But the boy who dressed up as a giant penis, well, his costume was of course perfectly appropriate.
Sphenacodon's avatar
I wouldn't mind being a ducksnail. Looks fun.

"That's for handing out Chick tracts, punk!" Good to see people getting what they deserve.
Mesklinite01's avatar
The ducksnail is obviously a very powerful demon.
Ganguro666's avatar
I really like this one. I'm glad such a fate resides for those who've ruined a fond childhood experience.

Also, a hell yeah for face wearing she-demons.
Marty-Party's avatar
Marty-PartyHobbyist Traditional Artist
oh, I was having trouble realizing what this is. At first I thought it was symbolism, but now I see those are victims of there sins.
In hell
clever girl...
psychosomatic-itch's avatar
Yes, I agree totally. Unforgivable! :no:

Especially #2. >:C
StapledSlut's avatar
Hey, I look pretty happy there.
Demonlemon's avatar
Awesome, I love the tiny edible fetus that is #3
gescheitert's avatar
gescheitertHobbyist Traditional Artist
i don't care about all the christmas stuff, i just want the "christmas" sweets all year long. what's so wrong about a little cinnamon here and there?? maybe i'm a happy snail duck after all.
scythemantis's avatar
scythemantisHobbyist General Artist
Well by the last two weeks of October they're setting Christmas stuff out front in most stores and already replacing all the Halloween aisles with it. Some stores even START PLAYING CHRISTMAS MUSIC D: D: D: D: D:
SuperArtMaxim's avatar
SuperArtMaximHobbyist General Artist
Indeed. It's like the way the concept of meat processing leaks into the concept of medicine.
gescheitert's avatar
gescheitertHobbyist Traditional Artist
i'm only interested in the sweets.. the gingerbread and the spekulatius. although they would probably be even more awesome with some halloween motivs.
christmas music is quite disgusting, yes.

also apologies for not doing anything for your contest. ugh. i could tell you that i can do it later, but i'm not sure.
DexAntares's avatar
It's strange how often ducks seem to crop up in my life... <_<
dodoman1's avatar
dodoman1Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Haha! Awesome!

I particularly like #3.
CosbyDaf's avatar
CosbyDafHobbyist General Artist
"And woe unto them, for their Escargoose shall never be lifted!"
eternalsaturn's avatar
eternalsaturnHobbyist Digital Artist
I get to be a ducksnail after I die? What's so torturous about that? NOTHING, that's what.

I probably deserve it for that year I got lazy and decided my costume should be an old shirt and some white face paint. When people asked what I was, I was literally, "something with a white face"
eternalsaturn's avatar
eternalsaturnHobbyist Digital Artist
...or better yet, the time I dressed as a goddamn PUPPY. A cute widdle puppy. For Halloween.

Granted, I was like eight, and I made up for it by being a properly scary zombie the next year...
scythemantis's avatar
scythemantisHobbyist General Artist
It does look pretty happy to be there.
anonymous's avatar
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