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Published: August 10, 2009
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This girl isn't my type, personally, but every woman in my comics can't be a short, awkward nerd.

I like to think he only just got out of prison for an earlier incident. For extra fun, imagine what the terms of their deal could have possibly ever been.
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Reminds me of the killer eye (movie).
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HauntzorHobbyist Traditional Artist
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wish I had thought of this.
Ankaa-Phoenicis's avatar
Ankaa-PhoenicisHobbyist Digital Artist those are eyes I don't wanna see... XD
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SpydrXIIIHobbyist General Artist
this reminds me of a movie i once saw when i was wee. but i can't for the life of me remember what it was called. i miss that movie store, all the best old horror movies no one has ever heard of. i went there all the time when i lived in FL when i was little.
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dodoman1Hobbyist Traditional Artist
"I'll let you live in my nightmarish hollow skull if you don't rape anyone!"

Maybe some rape-involved family tragedy led to this deal.
Piatnitskysaurus's avatar
Somehow unavoidable knowing how sick X can be.
Zippo4k's avatar
Very clever (as mentioned above). You seem to be getting much better at you're comics. :)
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LE-the-CreatorHobbyist Digital Artist
:XD: Oh, that is so good. Clever!
frozenverdugo's avatar
If I had a nickel for every goddamn time...
Mesklinite01's avatar
I wish my eyes could do that! Maybe except for the raping part...
jomacdoom13's avatar
Damn. I hate when that happens... to the guy. Well I do feel bad for the girl I means she's never going to recover from being eye raped, but the eyes did break the deal. Im going to shut up now lol
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EdermarmaeStudent Traditional Artist
lulz that guy looks liek salad fingers
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TheLastHetairaProfessional Writer
So THAT'S what 'undressing her with your eyes' means...
scythemantis's avatar
scythemantisHobbyist General Artist
I hoped someone would say that :p
TheLastHetaira's avatar
TheLastHetairaProfessional Writer
Haha, thanks! :p

Another, more morbid one: I suppose we could say that she has now become eye candy? :lol:
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Lee-ShermanHobbyist Traditional Artist
This is clever, if twisted. Reminds me of Tex Avery cartoons.

I think you drew the guy a little too distorted. I think it'd be funnier if he looked more like a stereotypical cartoon character (besides the optical rebellion). The way you drew him he looks pretty creepy and inhuman to start out with, which I think gives the joke less impact. Also can you explain why come the chick has no pupils? :?
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scythemantisHobbyist General Artist
I actually went to draw pupils and for some reason thought it looked better without :p
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Lee-ShermanHobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm trying to make some joke about Storm from "X-Men," but it's just not coming.
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Haven't you mentioned a film like this on your site before, I couldn't help but think of it.... oh, and lol.
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palewhitegirl Photographer
i lol'd
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