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Color the Abyss!










Bogleech's Fakemon: Terror Doduo

Bogleech's Fakemon: Ancient Dolphin

151 Poison Fakemon 10: Cheshire Snake

151 Poison Fakemon 27: Bellows Monster

151 Poison Fakemon 6: Acid Penguin

151 Poison Fakemon 4: Bacteria Cloud

151 Poison Fakemon 8: Carrion Mimic

151 Poison Fakemon 14: Illness Medusa

151 Poison Fakemon 16: Leucochloridium paradoxum



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I have my own website for my art, ! I don't update Deviantart too much anymore but thank you for continuing to like my stuff on here!

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Heironymous Bosch, Hideshi Hino, Norman Saunders
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Cartoons I guess!
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The Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Monster Manual
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Parasitology, Marine Biology, Entomology, Paleo-biology, Microbiology, Toy collecting, Halloween decorations, Urban exploration, Animation



I only just saw your January 9 mention of me in my DA notifications, apparently so I would read your chart about Australia's 1974 fires. Research however *immediately* shows that it was only a difference in total acreage. The "total land size" of fire was greater, but concentrated mostly in hot, dry land where it was not exactly shocking. The more recent fires affected a wide, wide range of environments including several that are normally too wet for fire year-round. Almost the whole of Australia experienced hotter, drier conditions than are on record, and some of what burned had never been on fire in decades or centuries. That several such sites burned at the same time should be evidence enough that the climate is shifting on a broad scale, rather than localized incidents or typical, random fluctuation. Living species have extreme power over the climate, and in turn trends of weather. Even the feeding and migratory activity of a single animal species can affect long term climate

Devious Journal Entry

Devious Journal Entry

I can see that just about everyone I follow (that I checked up on, anyway) and even a few people who used to fight with me are all on the same page - that there's creepy fucking shit going on in this country right now. America was once the "hero" country that devastated the Nazis. Only 70 years later, we've got neonazis celebrating in our streets because they feel that they've just "won" this country. Not just a bunch of memers posting pepes on fringe message boards; actual, dead serious Hitler sympathizers coming out in the open to say they're taking over America. Whether they're capable of that or not, the fact that they feel that way is

Moving on from old arguments

Moving on from old arguments

After a couple years of scattered back and forth arguing, I had a really nice conversation with *Kajm ( and we both agree we'd rather put it to rest. My early impressions of him were pretty tainted; while we don't feel the same way about climate change, he's not a conspiracy theorist about it and doesn't think scientists are evil schemers or anything. There are certainly a lot of open questions in regards to both how much of an impact humans have and what exactly is going to come of it, it can just be difficult sometimes to talk about these issues without going too far in one direction or the other. There's other people on DA I've had muc

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Hey, I was wondering something about Mortasheen. What kind of mechanics are there for gameplay? Do you roll dice? Pull cards? Are there skills and ability scores like in D&D? How would one go about playing?
scythemantisHobbyist General Artist

They're still working on it, but it will be a die rolling RPG with a skill system, yes!

Okay, that’s great. I’d like to see more details in the futur. Hey, I’d even like to help as something like a play tester.

Hi, Just wanted to say your an excellent artist and I was so excited to see 22 new images were done by you in my notifications, so nice to see you upload here again!!
LilburgerD4Student Digital Artist


Hi... I just wanted to say that I really like your comic, Awful Hospital. Just for sheer curiosity, where did you get the idea?

scythemantisHobbyist General Artist

It came from many many things at once including my own history of illness and fear of getting sick from other people, but the setting itself was inspired by just the fact that hospitals are a popular horror setting and there's almost always a hospital level in horror games. It made me want to think of how a horror hospital would work as an entire world itself.