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I have my own website for my art, ! I don't update Deviantart too much anymore but thank you for continuing to like my stuff on here!

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Hideshi Hino, Norman Saunders
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Cartoons I guess!
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The Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Monster Manual
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Parasitology, Marine Biology, Entomology, Paleo-biology, Microbiology, Toy collecting, Halloween decorations, Urban exploration, Animation
The chosen platform of countless politicians - mostly, but not always conservative ones - is the idea that we must strengthen the borders and the penalties against "illegal immigration," because these "illegals" are allegedly so likely to be people hiding from the law on purpose, "sneaking in" for nefarious purposes. But thousands of people a year simply fail in their best efforts to get legalized, and that includes failing to pass a "citizenship test" that the multiple Presidential administrations have deliberately made more difficult. The latest official list of citizenship questions is here: Ask yourself: what, exactly, does this test demonstrate about a person? Why, exactly, does anyone think a mental library of obscure and often useless trivia factoids should serve as a filter for who we allow to live and work in our country? The answer, of
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For those who still follow for Mortasheen stuff (and you really want or my patreon for that!) our kickstarter for the RPG's core rulebook was a huge success, fully funded in its first 24 hours and almost 300% funded by the campaign's end. We're aiming for the book's release about a year from now, though many challenges may arise that could push it a bit farther along. It is now guaranteed to happen one way or another, however, and for the coming year I'll be releasing a lot of additional and preview content. Again, this will all be on, my patreon, and also in updates to the kickstarter campaign page, so here are those links:
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Nobody should forget that Democrats are not actually "the good guys." They, too, support corrupt billionaires and a violent, over-funded law enforcement system. Republicans celebrated and ran with it, but Bill Clinton is the original reason our country treats undocumented immigrants like animals; there would be no ICE or border cages without the changes he made to immigration in the 90's. During their eight years in office, Biden and Obama signed off on killing tens of thousands of civilians via drone strikes, and deported thousands of immigrants indiscriminately - people more likely to be here for honest work, people who would be fully willing to cooperate and already desired citizenship. I could go on, but the reason compassionate, intelligent people vote for Democrats is not because Democrats are compassionate or intelligent. It's because Democrats and Republicans gamed the system until they had a stranglehold over the country and left people no other viable choices. Stuck within
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Headcanon: "Second Gen" Devilbirds come into existence when a person is exposed to two different Devilbird Infections at the same time.

These Devilbirds have unique psychic symptoms for their Infections, but their infection methods do draw from their "parent" Devilbirds. as do some of their biological quirks.

I’m sorry this sounds like an weird question but do you have the goofy picture with the sharp teeth posted here? I just wanted to add to my favorites, it’s just one my fav pics.

hi wolfworthsthemenkey told me you like halloween.

yeah I do a ton of Halloween content on every year!

Are you familiar with MurderousAutomaton's gallery? His Creepazoid series is very cool.

Hwuh? I don't remember what this would be about now, I'm too scatterbrained to keep everyone's usernames straight... if we had a disagreement or something you wish hadn't happened then it's no big deal at all