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Grow Up

Looks like you've got your work cut out for you, Cheerilee. :P

I was studying George Bernard Shaw (a writer and playwright) for an English class when the reading stated one of Shaw's characters had declared "I want to be an action verb." Pretty sure Shaw meant it in a metaphorical sense, but, too late, I had already attached the line to Sweetie Belle, and thus this comic was born. :D

As something of an experiment, I made this using :iconzacatron94:'s many pointy pony resource packs. While it won't replace the more hand drawn style of comics like what I've done in the past, I will probably be using the pointy ponies in the future for quick throwaway comics like this, as that's just faster for me to produce (and I'm waaaaay too backlogged with projects as it is).

Background credit also goes to :iconbirdco:.

And I'm man enough to admit that Scootaloo's response was "inspired" by this comic by :iconwhatsapokemon: that I faved sometime ago. :P
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I thought this was a reference to "classic Twilighting".
Robotponytron's avatar
This art style looks very familiar from somewhere
Scyphi's avatar
I would urge you to read the pic's description a bit closer, then. ;)
silversparkle1234's avatar
"AN ACTION VERB!!!" Oh my goodness sweetie belle
Robotponytron's avatar
You meant SQUIDWARD!!!!!
powerpuffgirl111's avatar
"What are you, a dictionary?"
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im star brighjt the pony............................................................................ wut
Pauleen-MLP's avatar
xD lol omg
great comic!
Darrindog's avatar
my oc: A PRINCESS! (lol)
2xHelix's avatar
When I grow up, I want to be a kid.
Scyphi's avatar
I've met people that have managed to do that. :P
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I'm still tend to act like a child. Like my favorite quote says: "Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional."
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I don't think anybody really "grows up" entirely anyway...some just try and deny it harder than others. :P
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Cheerilee should be happy they're learning their grammar. Lol
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Well, DUH, Apple Bloom....
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She's just shooting for something she's sure she'll actually be able to get. :P
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xD Something tells me Sweetie Belle wants to be an advanced dictionary.
Exovare's avatar
An...action verb?
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Not shown: Apple Bloom and Scootaloo giving Sweetie Belle an odd look for this exclamation too. :P
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