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Gadget Pony

"I'll get you next time, Gadget... next time!"


My submission to MLP-ATG's newest theme for this week, A pony solving a mystery. Since I didn't submit a pic last week (couldn't think of a good idea for the life of me for that one) I wanted to do one this week, and lucky for me, I immediately came up with several ideas.

The first was in reference to the episode "Party Of One" with Pinkie snooping around in her hay bale disguise, following Twilight while Twi's thinking to herself "why do I feel like I'm being watched?"

The second had Pinkie dressed up in a James Bond and holding a martini glass of chocolate milk with a swivel straw. That one was a bit of a stretch, though, because she wasn't solving anything, and I admit I only wanted to do it so I could say this:

:iconseriouspinkieplz: "The name is Pie. Pinkie Pie."


But then another pic that was posted made me think of this idea, and it was the best of the bunch, so there you go. It is, of course, a homage to the classic Inspector Gadget cartoon, except the cast has been swapped out with ponies, naturally. I was going to have one of the Mane 6 be Gadget at first, but then I thought of good ol' Derpy (or Dizty, whatever we're calling her these days) and knew she was the best fit.

Technically, Dr. Claw didn't have a literal claw in the original show, just these metallic-looking gauntlets over his hands. But ponies don't have hands, and just going for gauntlets-over-hooves idea was silly, so I went with the claw partly to settle the issue, and as assurance that viewers would catch on to the reference.

Speaking of which, guess who's posing as Dr. Claw? ;)

Pic is purposely large so you can read what's on the screen if you wish. :)
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If we didn't already recognize that pink hair and pet... We'd never know...

Nice crossover. I always considered Pinky to be the "Gadget" of MLP. But now that you've pointed it out. Totally Derpy Hooves.

But who would be Penny and Brain?
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This has been asked of me repeatedly already, so I've already got this all figured out:

Gadget - Derpy
Dr. Claw - Pinkie
Penny - Dinky
Brain - Spike (just because I wanna)
Chief Quimby - Twilight
Misc. MAD Agents - Lyra and Bon Bon

I've actually been meaning to come back and expand on the concept further, but I'm never getting around to it.
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I'd like to see the line up.

With Pinky Pie's face being blocked by one thing or another.
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LOL, this is very cute and funny. :)
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Derpy fits at Gadget, but why is Pinkie Claw? How about Dinky as Penny and Winona as Brain? And who would serve as the MAD agents?
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I forget why I picked Pinkie specifically. Might have been because Pinkie seemed to have been the pony of focus when brainstorming for that week's theme, but I probably just thought it'd be funny, and that I loved the mental image of Pinkie being all stereotypical bad-guy like Dr. Claw is. I suppose I could have just as easily done somepony else though (for some reason, Rarity is now springing to mind).

As for the rest, I never really got that far. The general consensus from the other fans is that Dinky would be Penny, and I decided awhile ago that Twilight would absolutely HAVE to be Chief Quimby, but dunno about the rest.

I don't think anyone ever stopped to think who'd be the MAD agents, but now that you mention it, I have a vivid image of Lyra being one... :P

I would also love to fit Spike somewhere in all of this, but I haven't figured out where exactly.
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I can more easily hear Rarity's voice saying the classic line "Next time Gadget! Next time!" than I do with Pinkie. A melodramatic pony like Rarity would be perfect for Claw. That and she has a cat. What if you have the background ponies be the M.A.D. agents? They'd be the ones who get screen-time but no lines like Octavia, Vinyl Scratch and Lyra. Since there's so little shown of Claw you can likely modify this picture easily.
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I have considered at least revisiting this theme with another pic, but I haven't done it yet.
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Please do. You did a good job, even if the character choice for Claw is a bit suspect. I could easily see Rarity as the flamboyant Claw of the first movie.
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In that case, I'm going to have to settle on who I want for Brain. :P
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How about you cast Applejack's dog as Brain?
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Because I admittedly have mixed opinions about casting Winona as Brain at this time. And there's still the fact that I want to fit Spike in all of this, but haven't settled on where yet.

Eh, I'll figure it all out eventually, it just won't be immediate.
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Twilight is Penny.
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Actually, I had been thinking Twilight would be Chief Quimby, simply because her attitude towards getting all that abuse matches that of Quimby's to a T.

But as I told other commenters, I didn't really get that far, so I guess none of that is really set in stone.
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Ok in my own version of inspector gadget as friendship is magic characters.

Inspector Gadget : Rainbow Dash

Chief Quimby : Princess Celestia

Penny : Twilight sparkle

Brain : Spike
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Hm... She's pink, she's got a cupcake, she's also got a crocodile...

I'm gonna say Berry Punch or Cherilee.
Scyphi's avatar
Noooo...but I think there might be a chance she knows both of those ponies. :P
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I really like this crossover. When I'm not watching ponies, I switch over to an Inspector Gadget DVD every once in a while. =)

Dinky would be a good fit for Penny. But I can't think of who Brain oughta be. :XD:
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I didn't really get that far. I mean, I figured out who'd be Gadget, Doc Claw, and MAD Cat, but no one else, mostly because I didn't need to for the pic.

Hmm. I'd imagine Dinky would HAVE to be Penny, simply because I can't see the bronies going for anypony else if Derpy's Gadget. Brain, I dunno. Personally, I'd love to get Spike in on this, so maybe he could be Brain...I dunno.

Cheif Quimby would HAVE to be Twilight though, simply because Twilight's personality is already halfway there to a perfect match. T'would only take a hop, skip, and a jump (just move your little rump :P) to go the rest of the way. :D
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Pinkie Claw? Makes does the mailpony as Gadget.
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Well yeah, why else would I use those two for those roles respectively? :P
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"I'll get you next time, Gadget! Next time!"

Hehe nice one, nice to see a pony parody of a classic '80s cartoon. The chocholate milk with a swizzle straw, and Gummy as "MAD Cat" are a nice touch.
And yeah, I kinda like how you fasioned her a claw like the one from the movie, with part of the original Dr. Claw gauntlet.
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Yeah, but if I could've kept it like the original, I would've, just because I was shooting for the classic cartoon only, for the most part.

The glass of chocolate milk was just destined to appear in some shape or form, because I just couldn't leave the idea alone, despite it actually working against me more than once. In fact, I had originally sketched it to be on the other side of Gummy than were it is now (past the cupcake) but when I scanned in the pic, it got cut off (my sketchbook is just a teensy-bit bigger than my scanner, so there's always a little cropping with pic like this) but I was determined to get it in there, so I photoshopped in a new one. :)
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