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Chasing Tail: Willow sfw? by Scylez
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Welcome to the announcement of Chasing Tail! A visual novel by Scylez!
We have a short demo showcasing a little of what the game will become. It’s live and playable right now!

Here at this link:

  • So what’s in this demo?
This demo contains the first on 23 planned scenes for this visual novel. You’ll meet 4 of the 9 planned romance options. The 22 other scenes and 18 dates with the romance options are being written and implemented at this moment. This first scene has a few different endings depending on your actions and decisions.

  • What will be in the main game?
In the main game will have those 23 scenes, 9 romance option (dragons, raptor, feline, deer, wolf, shark, stallion, cheetah, and 18 available dates with the characters. Your actions and answers to answers will affect who you spend time with, each characters affection towards you, who you spend your dates with, and the dialogue you’ll see. The dates can lead to something more and maybe some sexy scenes if you have enough affection. At least one, sometimes two, pieces of sexy custom art are planned with each romance option. Each character is being written to have their own personality; backstory, issues, and moral dilemmas that you will have to either help solve or hamper. At the end of the game maybe things will turn out great for you and someone else, or maybe not.

  • Can I help or contribute?
This is all completely 100% optional. Just reading this journal this far means a lot to me. The biggest thing you can do is share the journal or the link to the game.

If you play it give me feedback! Tell me things you’d like to see, things you think would make it better. Playing the demo will make me happier than ever!

This game will come out and will be free to play and I will be working on it in my spare time to get it up and completed. I have some very amazing people helping me out but still there’s a lot of writing, and artwork to be done. That’s why if you’d like to help its development and donate I would be more than grateful. Anyone who donates $5 or more will get their name in the credits, and their character put in the background of one of the scenes. No humans or registered characters though. I’ll also be putting up some YCH auctions up for some cameo appearances where your character can have a few lines. Any funds will go towards better art music and assets for the game!

if you'd like to support development you can note me or send funds to

Right now I have to be looking for royalty free music to put in the game, which isn’t the best but it’s all I’ve got. If you’re a music composer and would be interested in making some music to be in the game send me your rates and demos, and I’ll see what I can afford on my small budget

If you’re a writer or specialize in stories or character development and would like to help out with the story or give suggestions or input that would be nice to get some extra opinions as well.

I’d love to make this game available in as many languages as possible, but I don’t know any other languages well enough to translate. So if there are some bi or multilingual folks who would be looking for translation work let me know as well!

Depending on if I can manage to raise any funds for the game, maybe I can afford to commission some special art for some of the scenes too. Unless someone is willing to have their art featured in the game for cheap or free but I highly doubt that.

  • When will it release?
The game will release hopefully sometime later this year. I have no specific date as I’ll be drawing the art, helping write the script, and programming the game in-between my commissions and freelance work. But I promise you as soon as it’s released I’ll be putting a post-up on every profile I have and I’ll be working very hard on it because I’m very excited to get it out and show it to everyone! I try to work on it at least a little bit each day, either doing art, writing, or programming a feature I need.

Making games has always been my biggest passion, and has lead me to creating art. Now I have the chance to mix my biggest passion with my favorite fandom and create something I’m excited to share.
And a special thank you to my good friends maddog197x, Drackey, and BlinkinStar for being an amazing help!!!

If you have questions feel free to note me or comment below!


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Forgive me if I don't respond to messages from here right away. My main hub is FA but I check all other accounts as well.

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