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Idan Pride
"Keep rolling, till the dice hits six!"

Hello I am Idan and I want to clean the harsh idea of OCs (original characters)
I Produce new Unique OCs with their own worlds and equipment Every Week

Most OCs will be Connected to others so you are very welcome to Watch and join me uncover this massive tale!

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Desolators by scygiex


    Well its been quite sometime since I had an installment to the Grand Chaos, I kinda miss creating ancient beings so why not go to the roof with it! This series is about the Desolators, Dark lords that rest at the corners of reality, guarding the very mechanisms that weave reality into existence"

-Idan Pride


        When reality was created, the ancient ones created a mechanism that would act as the very foundation of reality, halting its collapse back into non- existence, as well as expanding it, slowly weaving through the regions of fantasy adding it to the reality expanding its size. These clocks were called “Desolation clocks” Due to the importance of such clocks, all eight of these mechanisms are each guarded by the children of the most ancient one, called the Desolators.

[OC#143] Dartai by scygiex

Desolator of Pandemonium, Dartai


Dartai is a character who
hates his appearance, due to this, I made
sure to cover most of him up. His over all theme is a
pirate, being a character who sees himself as
one who has no honor even if he
holds an important role
"He who is an amalgamation of beast and demons, his own form a pandemonium,
he wields his lance and unleashes chaos from the House of the Abyss"

        Dartai was born from fiction and life, his unstable creation led him to become an amalgamation of beasts that he tries to cover up, as he is ashamed of his own appearance. With his hideous look and weak personality, he was shunned by his younger siblings, that made him more of an outcast among the desolators. 

        After the Entity war, Their Eldest was grief with their defeat he locked himself in his Desolation Tower. The second Eldest in the other hand, was defeated by the enemy, tho they manage to recover her body, she was sealed in a glacier of impenetrable Ice. 

        The mantel of responsibility fell to Dartai, he was suppose to lead the other desolators, but with his lost of faith to himself, he too became silent in his own desolation tower. This led to the desolators having no leader, making them fight against each other and unable to unite and avenge the ones who have fallen in their family.

Desolator King Risorii Kitotsu by scygiex

Desolator King Risorii Kitotsu


Risorii has this old broken man
feel, a shell of his former self, kinda like the
Wolverine in the movie Logan. I made sure to keep this in his
design, with having a negative feel in his design. In his younger version he was
a master of swords and magic, just like your typical hopeful hero, but
now he has resorted to guns and technology with the vibe
of dieselpunk and mad max, like how a luscious
forest became a dry desert. 

"Oh Fallen King what have we become, a shell of our former self. Triumphs and sharpened blades 
replaced by regrets and rusted guns. Sitting on the steps of a throne you can't sit. Nothing
will be gained, lamenting inside the House of the Tyrant"

        Risorri is a foreigner from the worlds below, escaping from those who hunt him and his family, he agreed to maintain the abandoned Desolation tower hoping it would give his wife and child a peaceful life

        Since Risorri is a foreigner, he was not allowed to sit on the tower’s throne and instead sits on its base as Theia (in her ice cage) is chained to the throne to symbolised that she's the original master and that Risorii is just a proxy

        Tho being a foreigner from a lesser world, Risorii is more than deserving of the role, even before being a desolator he was a master of magic and blades, strong enough to go toe to toe with the other desolators. 

        When he became a desolator he fulfilled his duties, protecting his region of the abyss with robots and defending the tower and its secrets from ancient beings and other foreigners. He weaponized the ever growing sections of the towers creating factories producing several robots, weapons and even keeping entire worlds, terraformed to cultivate creatures of mass destruction; and by combining his knowledge of magic with the science of the desolators, he became a master of space and one of the most feared beings in reality.

[OC#151] Theia by scygiex

Desolator of Tyranny, Theia

If I were to based the Desolators to the 
Greek Gods, Theia would be my equivalent of Athena. 
Strong-willed, Intelligent, and holds authority but, still ruled by 
moral and emotions. She almost having the same elder sister love as Rem,
but will still be serious in a fight like Bellona. With this in mind I 
clad her pure white dress with a black chrome 
amour, making a dichotomy of her 
loving and serious side.

"She who rules with absolute power, leading armies marching from the House of the Tyrant.
Iron fist yet soft heart, her compassion had led to her to her downfall"

        Theia is born from the most ancient one’s emotion. Creating a maiden who is strong willed but had the sense of leadership that allows her to lead her younger siblings. Her true emotions were shown during the Entity war, where Theia, knowing it would cost her life protected fellow desolator Diandra from The Captain. Theia knew that they would have no chance in winning once she was captured by the enemy, but she could let Diandra die. Theia pushed Diandra out of the way and let the Captain's Ice capture her instead. 

        With Theia being sealed, this led to a chain of failures for the desolators that ended with them surrendering. The desolators took her body, frozen in a glacier of impenetrable Ice, placing her back at her desolation clock as a reminder that she was its first guardian.

[OC#152] Kaizen by scygiex

Desolator of Radiance, Kaizen

Kaizen is this epic looking character.
He had this feel of a mafia boss, in the sense that
mafia bosses are figures who holds a lot of power and even
if they does not look physically powerful, they are still trained in martial
arts or skilled with the gun. Kaizen is that kind of person, he looks
all high and mighty on his throne but could still get
the job done himself if he wants to.
"A desolator of many names, he rests on the throne in 
House of the Light, a 
fortress filled with knowledge of old and new

        Kaizen is known by many titles, He was the "Rider of a Thousand Suns" controlling the flames of the void; "Prince of the Abyss", having the greatest control of the abyss only second to his father; "The Master Technician" and "The Super Genius" creating robots and structures that could rival the ancient technology of the Desolation Clocks themselves. He is also known to be a strong reality warper, bending everything the eye can see... or was it illusions? He was also know as "The Master Illusionist" if Im not mistaken...

Accounts of Kaizen’s skills and abilities goes on and on, with some contradicting each other. This lead some to speculate that his is just Memory manipulator, powerful enough to fool the primordial beings themselves.

Demon Contractors by scygiex


"When Demons are getting to boring to draw, but you still need to draw evil (for whatever reason) then Demon contractors is the way to go, having not much rules bond to their design you can draw anything and get away with it. But seriously, this is another resurrection series and  unlike almost every other series, these bunch are as distant in design as possible, I wanted to remake some of them, but I found out, its always best to stick to the intended idea or initial concept of the character, so with out further ado, here are the Demon Contractors (no weird group name for them this time, your welcome!)"

-Idan Pride


  The past was always chaotic.

        According to the scriptures, there were once three gods of each boundary, thus they were called the boundary gods. These were the god of the heavens, the god of the infernos and the god of the purgatories. Then all chaos started when the god of heaven and the god of the infernos fought for the control of earth. Both sides swarmed hundreds of its soldiers to the battle grounds but it was not enough for the both of them. The two gods started to twist reality, creating monsters and creatures of war.

        The heavens created The Nephalims and The messengers, while the inferno created the witches, ghouls and werwolves. On the last years of the war, both sides decided to create the ultimate soldiers. The heavens created the Paragons, Mortals granted with more than the powers of angels, while the inferno created the Demon contractors, mortals who consumed the soul of demons becoming beings of immense dark power.

        The creation of both drastically changed the war and sped it up. In the end heavens won, the paragons eradicated the Demon contractors and sealed them to the depths of the earth, never to be seen again. However disaster struck and the Demon contractors manage to crawl out of their pits. Now free from the shackles its only a matter of time before the inferno rises.

[OC# 115] Aren the Archive by scygiex

Aren the Archive


Looking at the old work of this character,
I cant help but keep some of the bike theme he had going. 
I also kept the jacket since it was awesome and a bit of a challenge to
keep. To make him more interesting I added a gun and a blade like some
Dante (Devil may cry). And finally, since he was a traitor, I decided
it is logical for him to be wearing a mask, and if you ask
me, the simpler the mask the better

        Aren was always on the run, during the end of the war, he was one of the few demon contractors who survived the   imprisonment, not because he manage to hide from it but only because he betrayed all of them.

        Now after the war, Aren works as a freelance witch hunter, focused in brining down the witch academia that formed after the war. A genius of his time and had unrivaled memory of people, places and events, he became the source of intel in the criminal underworld, serving the military or criminals, dead or alive alike. This authority on intel lead people to call him The Archive.

        When the news of the Demon contractors’ escape roared across the four corners of the earth. Aren faded into silences, for he feared his brothers that are now hungry for his blood.


[OC#117] Denoe the Cloud Sniper by scygiex

Denoe the Cloud Sniper


Unlike aren who had a biker theme, Denoe was more
of a Japanese female samurai thing (without the sword), the
whole gimmick with her is that she can fly and rain hell to her targets, I
kinda kept the idea and just edited the pre-existing design, I made a better
kimono and since she was already shooting down people from above
I just gave her a sniper rifle (not sure what type, just googled a
random one that looks cool). Then a few edits to her hair, 
tattoos and other accessories and there you have it!

        Denoe was one of the ruthless of the Demon Contractors who suspends from the clouds raining hell from the heavens, creating a barren wasteland wherever she went. Near the end of the war, she was one of the few that survived the great clash and was one of the important members of the resistance, before they were betrayed by Aren the Archive.

        Tho calm in nature she can be heard from her cell cursing Aren's name, echoing in the prison’s hallways


[OC#123] Relcs The Demon General by scygiex

Relcs The Demon General


From Biker to Kimono to knight. I did not like the
diversity in this series but Ill have to deal with it. What is most
interesting in Relcs is his lightning dragon form. It was interesting
enough that the past design of this character was so boring once you take 
out his thunder costume. So thats what I did, I edited more on the actual
body, adding a more detailed armor, some garments and
an epic dragon tattoo then place the lightning
armour back on and let it do it’s magic.

        Relcs was known to be one of the top generals of an army, highly strategic and his focus to the smallest of detail allowed him to win many wars.

        However, during the great clash, Relcs and his army were hunting down a camp of injured paragons, only to find out it was a decoy, a elaborate scheme that caused the inferno the war.

        As the Inferno retreated and the Demon Contractors were left only to be betrayed by one of their most trusted comrades. Relcs blames no one but himself for his downfall, as he had not seen through all the trickery playing under his nose

[OC#111] Reeze the Horticulturist by scygiex

Reeze the Horticulturist


Reeze is probably one of my most loved
character, probably only second to the mascot (Which is
also a yellow haired girl…). The thing I liked about her the most was
the horns. Whenever I draw them I try to draw them as is they were pig-tails
and sometimes even include the bands at the base of the horns. Reeze has
this royalty like vibe (kinda like Lucy), that had demonic influences, I
started with the royalty base, with the coat and all, then
butchered it by adding the horns, the eyepatch and a
flower that says “Im from the darkside!”


        Reeze was lucky, at the night of the betrayal she was saved by Toxis (another demon contractor) hiding her in a secure place before Toxis was captured herself. Reeze decided it would be best to do low profile as she hid her horns and demonic aura with levels of magic and attended school, again and again, waiting for the others to rise.

“look over your back, you might be befriending a servant of the Underlord”

Other Related Deviations

Denoe Sky-Revolver Form by scygiex [OC#111] Reeze by scygiex

Inoculators by scygiex


"The Inoculators, a group of young adults with mysterious powers saving the world from some danger that the government somehow does not know of, yeh that kind of story! But all seriousness this is actually one of my favorite stories and something I hold dear since this story is based from an outdoor game my friend and I used to play."

-Idan Pride



"If the world is in ruin will you run or will you fight?"

That was the question faced by the seven students once they accidentally discovered a labyrinth hidden under their school. Each pondered on the question as they stare into the maze and all the mysteries it hold

[OC#89] Ikaros the Knight by scygiex

Ikaros The Knight


Ikaros, the main character of the story, 
due to this I gave him a clean cut design not putting to 
much stuff and focusing on a clean but unique design as seen in 
his white cloak and blade. Being base of the mythology of his name, 
I gave him a fire attribute in the form of burning wings 
that he can control to cast various offensive 
and defensive attacks.  

[OC#90] Leoth the Hermit by scygiex

Leoth the Hermit     


Leoth is your everything is fine guy, takes it slow and is probably the most mature in the group despite all the comedy he brings, thus I designed his outfit based on the themes of military, royal, and high rank. Giving him this general like outfit that imposes authority. In color, I gave it rich shades of blue, red and gold. Imposing his bright outlook. Lastly I gave him a ponytail that can show his unusual personality.

[OC#91] Specter the Fool by scygiex

Specter the Fool


Specter, what a lazy name for a guy who can control ghost, 

great job 14 year old me, but hey I can still go with the name, now unlike

the name,I did some major changes with him, I gave him a black jacket, took off his

headphones since it looked silly on him and I actually re-worked the scythe a couple of times

since his old scythe would have the blade zig-zag from one side as something like a

counter-balance before creating a crescent frontward. Now I had fun with the 

little ghost that circle around him I kept them simple so that they don’t

attract to much attention away from him

[OC#92] Kayla the Strength by scygiex

Kyla The Strength

Kyla’s Character design is mostly influenced from 
her strong personality. I started by giving her a light get 
up since I portrayed her as a long ranged attacker, but I then shifted the 
design as I rework her gun to act as a sword as well, giving her side armor and 
turning her right arm to a fortified version of the inoculator’s arm (her left arm). 
Finally, as I found her lower torso a bit bland, I added a few belts, 
checking out “Military anime girls” and added the good 
ideasI found that included her hat.

[OC#93] Tobias the Moon by scygiex

Tobias The Moon

Tobias has this renegade look, since he is one of the protagonist who spirals down to apathy and struggles to stick with the group.  This can be seen in the chains, the leather jacket and all the other cloaks on him. Unlike the rest of the members he has two kinds of lightning surrounding him the dark and the light that symbolizes that he is constantly divided in the actions he takes. Lastly his weapon manifested as large sheers, but since normal sheers are too plain, I decided to take a few inspiration from Kill a Kill and have the sheers detach from one another if the user decides so.

[OC#94] Calypso the Damsel by scygiex

Calypso The Damsel


For a character design that was edited and worked on on the actual paper, it turned out better than some of the designs in this series… Now that being said, in terms of reason and symbolism, this design is pretty blank as I just use what looks better to the end design. However I still may have pulled a bit of meaning subconsciously, like for starters her title may be a damsel, but the reference photos I got for her were that of princes and modest girl fighters (especially 2B) which allowed me to design her with a coat over her dress and adding gloves to her tech arms, in the end I got what I wanted, making the character appear capable and ready to take a fight, a total opposite to what people may think of a Damsel.

[OC#95] Tyler the Hanged Man by scygiex

Tyler The Hanged Man

Like the rest who all have a particular theme that is base from their Tarot counter part, Tyler was no different. Since the hanged man is all about  "retreating from the physical world" I decided to go for a simple look. What I like about his design was the experiments on him, like having tech on his head and unlike the rest who have rolled up sleeves to show their arms, his is just has no sleeves at all.

Acruptors by scygiex

  "At first I designed the Acruptors as another average group of disposable but sinister looking henchmen serving a particular bad guy. They were are actually based off of natural disasters that was being though at school. In fact, I actually created them in order to memorize the lessons, hahaha. Well I can now say, after going a bit to their creation I now feel like they can be more than just plot devises or lesson material."

-Idan Pride


Nobody wants to die, for one's life to end too short, hindering him or her to a proper life or have resolve their problems,

    But what if the price of cheating death is a price worst than that? 

  That was the faith of Hundreds of people who were destined to die. At the last moment of their death, at the point where they have their life presented in front of them they will wish to be given a second chance, a foolish wish, a desire to live the life they failed to live. With that selfish wish, they will then find themselves out of danger and instead in a dark room all chained up. They will spend the next chapter of their life in the dark as they ask themselves, 

 “Was it worth it?”

Serenity by scygiex


Semerris was in a way a black canvas being
the first one to be designed among the Acruptors, her design
would decide the overall theme of this series. The theme that got settled
is french military, I based her design on a number of french
military uniform and resulted to her final design.


Uprising by scygiex


Ok if Semeris, embodiment of calamity is a storm
surge, Basil’s would be a thunderstorm. So when I designed
him I fitted him on luxurious clothing with a lot of metals acting as
conductors, and he would have iron marbles that he would toss to create
a direct lightning strikes. When I redesigned him for the second time, I now
incorporated the old french military theme and also mixed in a pirate look, giving
him such a look and a flag that acts like a lightning rod. I also ended up
having his right arm spewing cloud like smoke, and only when
he builds the clouds can he generate lightning like an
actual thunderstorm.

[OC#83] Vesta by scygiex


Vesta embodies the calamity of hail, which gave
me the phrase ‘she hits hard’ with her calamity ability
being ice manipulation, another construction skill (the other
being their staple ability to grow black rocks) I decided that she would
be a weapon master, creating and morphing her weapons admits the battle.
Continuing the winter theme, I gave her a victorian winter dress with
some designs I incorporated from the other Accruptors and
added antlers. I made her bald and gave her a veil
that covers her face with its shadow.

[OC#84] Argo by scygiex



Argo manifests the calamity of Typhoon,
being air related I gave him an aviator theme mixing
the modern military pilot uniform with that of old pilot uniforms.
Now I really wanted him to have a bird that he can use as a weapon,
like those epic bird tamers and at one point one of his arms would
have a leather wrap for the bird to perch on. I however
scraped the idea and decided it would be better if he
can create flocks of birds out of air. 

Character Pin-ups

[OC#81] Semerris by scygiex[OC#82] Basil by scygiexVesta by scygiex

Character Infos

Semerris by scygiex

Character Spotlight: Basil by scygiex

Deathbounds by scygiex

 "The Deathbounds, one of my most powerful and interesting group of characters, all having such a wonderful backstory explaining how and why each member let their sins and regrets consume their heart and soul; These are the Deathbounds the humans who rejected salvation to seek redemption"


-Idan Pride


        “The purgatory is a place of hope and despair, A realm that lies in the cracks between heaven, hell and the mortal world. The common destination that all souls end up in as they try to cut lose all their guilt, sins and regrets that weigh them down, for only when a soul is pure can it ascend to heaven and receive its eternal peace.”

    This is usually the case, however not all who passed away wanted their sins purged. These may be people who died a horrible death, people who never achieved there happiness or have it taken away from them, people who generate so much sin, agony or regret that it coiled the entirety of their soul. When one reaches the point of no return they are referred as a Deathbound. Having lost all hope and salvation, dark reapers have no choice but to exile them to the deepest parts of the purgatory, the rift.

[OC#73] Clarisa the Ringmaster by scygiex



Clarisa’s design is pretty straight forward,
like the siege witches, I just re-designed the deathbounds as
they were characters I have drawn years ago. I revamped her details starting
with her over all theme that she is a ring master in a carnival. I gave her a circus like
clothes and several accessories, like the matching ribbon on her head and the fur tail attached
to her waist, I also added a skull on top of her bow since there is not much symbolism
of death in her design. I then added a few mis-matching outfit and the face paint
(That imitates that of a skull) to give her a clown like characteristic (kinda
like harley quinn). The ring around her eye has a line sticking out,
which is the symbol of one in an ancient language to symbolize
that she is the first prisoner, the first deathbound

[OC#74] Ravel the Death Dealer by scygiex



Ravel is a card dealer, his clothing
is practically based from the ones you would see on a
low budget casino. Now the normal look starts to derail due to his
sinister face, he would always has this face of contentment but a bit
sour as if he knows that something is still bothering him something he
had forgotten. Finally he has a weird eyepiece that does
not seem to fit in the overall theme, something to
echo how unpredictable gamblers act.

[OC#77] Latrell the Fallen King by scygiex



Latrell was suppose to be old,
but going over the designs I decided to give him a
young look and would make more sense that he would be more
rash and emotional fitting characteristics for a deathbound. I designed him
to have an armor on to show that he is always in a war-like state but
still have his royal coat on him, His eye patch covers a terrible
scar and the eyepatch itself has his crest on him,
a reminder of his fallen kingdom.

[OC#78] Luka the Terrorize by scygiex



Luka’s design was based
on a zombie, having scraped clothing
stitched mouth and terrible deep scars only held
onto by old worn bandages. To show that luka’s mind
is not in the right track, I gave her a small
pouched doll that she alway talks and
ask advise from.


Hello Guys not sure If I have been a bit quiet, but I just moved into my apartment in collage (Yay!) well Im now in collage and its so far so good, Finding time to draw is a bit difficult tho I got my drawing area up and ready at the corner of my cramped room, well Meet you guys in the art I post, Bye~
Hey guys I opened another DA account, where I do adopts, It would be nice if you guys would check it out! Thanks

PS: Should I also open Commissions????
After watching this awesome vid about how the monsters in yugioh cards have stories due to the card illustrations,

I realized that I should also draw more illustrations that expand on my characters, I make a lot of Oc, but its is indeed a bit dumb if I only expand their lore via descriptions and written stories

What do you guys think?

BTW heres the vid if your interested 
Its summer here! and I don't have anything to do aside from drawing, give my your favorite anime!!

or I can just watch GoT.... hummm
A lower batch asked for my grad pic,
does that make me senpai now? 


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