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[OC#77] Latrell the Fallen King
[OC#74] Ravel the Death Dealer
[OC#67] Cancer
[OC#83] Vesta
[OC#73] Clarisa the Trapeze artist
[OC#70] Taurus
[OC#69] Aquarius
[OC#78] Luka the Terrorize
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[OC#145] Mikabu ver. 2
[OC#170] The Scorpion
Litch Queen of Halloween
[OC#162] Queen of Unicorns
Desert Sheol
Order of Desolation (w/ speed draw video on A3)
Cosmic Bathtub
Inktober (welp im a bit late in posting...)
Magi Sketch
The Scorpion's Prison
        There is always a fine line between corruption and addiction, and passion and mastery, almost two of the same coin. People often think if the skill is “good” it is passion. While what is “bad” is deemed addiction, a cancer that corrupts the person. But what is good or bad?         The scorpion looks to the sky and sees a dragon, a massive creature with red wings, bold and bright. With every wingbeat, gusts of wind are created and blasted everything on its path. Its structure and grace showed power as it soared through the starry sky. The scorpion crawled from the prison she was living, she was not a convict b
Marina and the Contract
       The abandoned witch walks alone in the forest, her clothes all tattered, and her once smooth skin now filled with scrapes and scratches. On her right, she carried a leather sack over her shoulder and on her left hand was a magical orb that once belong to a powerful sorcerer, an artifact she stole before she left the witch academia for good.         “But what am I going to do with it” She thought staring at the orb’s  shifting patters, “I have been expelled from the academy and I have no where to go, no home, no refuge.”        She stumbled upon a small pond at the middle of the woods and decided to rest
The Executioner and The Dragon
        Scorn was in his lab looking at all the notes he had pasted on the wall. Picture of weapons, human experiments, various chemicals and poisons, and a huge diagram on a dragon’s life cycle. The room only lit up by a few candles and after some time the room was filled with the red lines that came out of Scorn’s eyes. He has been walking in circles around the cramp room eagerly waiting fro his experiment. With his mind only preoccupied by what he was waiting for, he forgot all about the sound of the kindling stove or the sorrowful screams of the prisoners below.         However out of all the loud noises Scorn immediately
The girl with no name
        The girl walked across the icy surface and it only took her a few steps and a gust of cold for her to stumble. She could feel it, the ice touching her rotting flesh. She was dead after all. She stood up and hoped that her fleshless legs can support the heavy machete stuck on top of her head. She did not know how she was there and what happen before, she just can’t think properly as all the senses slowly came to her, the cold, the sound of war and the bright lights that can be seen from the distance. To her the feelings were surreal as if she was a blind who suddenly saw the rainbow.         She kept tracking through the wastel
Bellona the First Child
        Marina wasted no time, and headed straight to the greatest empire of that time, the Roman Empire. She slipped into the palace disguised as a beautiful slave and immediately won the heart of a Roman high official. One who rose through power by participating and servicing the gladiator games in his own decision. In just one night, she seduced the man and the deceived man asked the witch to be one of his wives. She lied saying yes and took his hand guiding him to the bed. After they slept, she silently disappeared like a cat under the moonlight.         Having her mission accomplished, she got away from the empire as far as possible; h
Dark Genesis: The Prisoner
        I awakened from the sound of the shackling chains and saw nothing but pitch black darkness. I felt the cold shackles raising my arms up straight as it suspended from the ceiling slowly swinging my body like a pendulum. I tried to speak but I remembered that my mouth was muffled shut. Remaining calm to lower my heartbeat, I took a deep breath and carefully listened to the noises ...three, four, five and six, I counted. Good, that means none were taken during the night.        It was like this everyday, just darkness. The noise of shackling chains and the whimpers of the others locked with me. Oh how long has it been, Years? Decades?
[Comic] The Royal Library
[comic] Demon of the Night
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Heya, Im just going to post the remaining works in inktober for the sake of having them all presented here, Ill go back to my usual posting schedule after this~ Ps. I posted them here first:
Late happy new year guys, the last months of the last year was a bit heavy, so Im going to make up for it this year.     For my goals in this account, I guess I want to do more illustrations of my existing characters and expanding their stories, maki ...
Grand Chaos: Desolators (Complete!!!)
    " Well its been quite sometime since I had an installment to the Grand Chaos, I kinda miss creating ancient beings so why not go to the roof with it! This series is about the Desolators, Dark lords that rest at the corners of reality, guarding the very mechanisms that weave reality into existence" -Idan Pride Introduction        When reality was created, the ancient ones created a mechanism that would act as the very foundation of reality, halting its collapse back into non- existence, as well as expanding it, slowly weaving through the regions of fantasy adding it to the reality expanding its size. These clocks were called “Des


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Thank you again, I really do mean it. And would love to have you join my youtube family, scygiex!
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