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Always Be Thankful
When life starts to feel hopeless,
and nothing seems to go right,
be thankful for what you have,
and don't give up the fight.
If there's something you don't know,
or don't quite understand,
be thankful for the opportunity,
to learn new things firsthand.
There's bound to be tough times,
it's the same for everyone you know,
be thankful for these struggles,
as it's during those times that you grow.
It's easy to regret past mistakes,
but it shouldn't be this way,
be thankful for the valuable lessons,
that you learn and can use again someday.
It's easy to just be thankful for the good,
but in life there's good and bad,
that's what makes it all worthwhile,
so be thankful, enjoy it and be glad.
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Moi by scvpoetry Moi :iconscvpoetry:scvpoetry 0 4
I am what I am
I am just what I am,
and that's all I'll ever be.
I really am one of a kind,
there's no other quite like me.
That's the way I like it,
I love originality.
I like to be philosophical,
and reflect on life a lot.
I'd rather be hated for what I am,
than loved for something I'm not.
I am me, myself and I,
and I'm proud of what I've got.
I'm not a copy or imitation,
not a fraud, a fake or a foney.
I hate when people try to change me,
that is up to me only.
What you see is what you get,
and only I can own me.
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My Fantasy World
Dreaming of a fantasy world,
where everything is perfect,
no hurt or anger,
no trouble or strife,
everything is how I'd like it to be..
But it's nothing but a dream,
none of it is real,
how I wish it was,
but it shall never be,
anything but a fantasy.
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So Very Tired -Edited Version-
I'm so very tired,
it's been a long, hard day,
people coming and going,
and getting in my way.
Tomorrows not looking good,
lots of things to do,
just wish I could go to sleep,
for more than an hour or two.
I wish I was a hedgehog,
so I could hibernate,
nothing could bother me then,
no finances to calculate.
I want to retire from being an adult,
and be a small child again,
no worries or cares,
no pressure, stress or strain.
I'm so very tired,
all I can do is weep,
my brain goes into overdrive,
I just want to go to sleep.
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So Very Tired
I'm so very tired,
it's been a long, hard day,
people coming and going,
and getting in my way.
Tomorrows not looking good,
lots of things to do,
just wish I could go to sleep,
for more than an hour or two.
I wish I was a hedgehog,
so I could hibernate,
nothing could bother me then,
no finances to calculate.
I want to retire from being an adult,
and be a small child again,
no worries or cares,
no pressure, stress or strain.
I'm so very tired,
and still I just can't sleep,
my brain goes into overdrive,
I just want to go to sleep.
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Untitled to You
No reason for me to be writing,
but I have an urge inside,
although there's nothing much to say,
I surf on my poetic side.
Today is like every other,
at home with nothing to do,
so here I am just writing,
my thoughts from me to you.
Lonely is how I'm feeling,
low and kind of blue,
but I guess I shouldn't be surprised,
for me this is nothing new.
Aches and pains torment me,
it never seems to end,
I log onto the internet,
and hope to talk to a friend.
No one is really on though,
and my head is starting to hurt,
I decide it's time for yet more rest,
I just wish I was more alert.
I sleep so badly at night,
mainly because it's too hot,
but then the day is harder,
and I end up sleeping a lot.
It feels like time is standing still,
no progress is being made,
I hate how things are so hard,
it is the future of which I'm afraid.
Looking back over time,
I find nothing really to blame,
stress, worry, tension,
maybe they blew out my flame.
No matter what the reason,
too late to change the past,
:iconscvpoetry:scvpoetry 0 1
I've always wondered,
what life would be like,
to be a cloud up in the sky,
just floating through the air,
on a bright summers day.
No responsibilites,
no worrys or stress,
high up above us all,
looking down on the world,
watching life tick by.
Fluffy, and pure white,
like soft cotton wool,
the sun it's next door neighbour,
the ocean far below,
It's background clear blue.
Among the clouds,
the bird can fly,
sharing the amazing view,
the gentle breeze,
pushing it on its journey.
Where it'll end up,
nobody even knows,
but sometimes I wish I was one,
so free from the daily grind,
just like a cloud can be.
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The Little Things
It's the little things in life,
that matter most of all,
a helping hand to pick you up,
if ever you should fall.
A familiar face in a crowd,
you don't feel so alone,
a simple smile means so much,
or an ear to hear you moan.
Good friends are hard to find,
and what's meant to be will be,
life isn't always easy,
and nothing is ever going free.
So when life gets you down,
and smiling is hard to do,
remember all the little things,
that mean so much to you.
:iconscvpoetry:scvpoetry 1 2
So Much Has Changed
As days go by, I sit thinking,
still trying to work it out,
what I did that was so wrong,
to make you shout and scream.
all those things you said to me,
so much bitterness and hate,
how could you be so cruel?
I've grown up now mum,
why can't you see?
just because I'm older,
and changed my thoughts on life,
doesn't make me bad or wrong,
I'm still just me inside,
that much will never change.
No matter what the future holds,
some things cannot be forgiven,
the fact you don't believe,
or don't wish to hear the truth,
it's not all in my head,
not made up or created,
it's real, and yes it hurts.
But what hurts the most,
more than any of this,
is the way you spoke to me,
the way you put me down,
accused me of all those things,
and without a second thought,
then hung up and left me alone.
So much has changed,
life is moving on,
maybe this is how it's meant to be,
maybe we'll never know,
I'm putting it behind me now,
I'd like to say I'll forget it,
but it's doubtful, unlikely,
almost impossible
:iconscvpoetry:scvpoetry 0 0
The River Of Life
Flowing down the river of life,
it take its twists and turns,
accepts the chances given to it,
that make it what it is.
The river flows on daily,
reaching into the unknown,
the experiences it comes across,
shape it for its future.
The water flows in all different ways,
and sometimes hits dead ends,
mistakes are a common feature,
but from which it can learn.
Racing and rushing along,
always finding its own way,
over rocks and under reeds,
it creates a path straight through.
From where it starts out,
so youthful and carefree,
it takes what is thrown at it,
and matures along the way.
Winding through the wilderness,
between the lush green banks,
and through the muddy creeks,
holding secrets in its depths.
It branches out in many directions,
creating new life as it goes,
nourishing all it touches,
and strives to keep on moving.
It meanders far and wide,
in it's search for the deep blue sea,
where it can complete it's journey,
and find at last fulfillment.
:iconscvpoetry:scvpoetry 0 0
M.E-Chronic Fatigue
M.E and Me
M.E and me, have become good friends,
pain and fatigue, the torment never ends;
I feel like I'm watching someone elses life,
but it's not, it's just me suffering this strife;
I walk for 5 minutes, but it feels like years,
why can't I be free, I hold back my tears;
Nobody understands, what's happening to me,
they say that I'm lazy, it can't be m.e;
My head is host, to a million steel bands,
out of control, so cold are my hands;
What don't they believe, why can't they see?
pull yourself together girl, is all they tell me;
I wish so hard, deep down that I could,
to make it go away, believe me i would.
Can't Smile All The Time
Constant pain,
And fatigue,
Never ending,
Tormenting me!
Sometimes I'm cold,
Mostly I'm hot,
I can't find my temperature control!
Legs are so restless,
Even when I sit still!
Aches and pains,
Lacking in life,
Lacking in everything.
Too much activity pays in the end,
Headaches send me round the bend,
Endless malaise, I wish I could shake.
:iconscvpoetry:scvpoetry 3 2
5 Poems, 1 Topic
There was a beginning
and there will be an end
that's what they say
So we must just be
somewhere in the middle.
What is lifes meaning
does anyone know?
We live on day by day
existing among each other.
Nothing really changes
yet nothing stays the same.
Why are we here?
to be happy, or to be sad,
to love, or be loved,
to hate, or be hated,
to win, or to lose,
to be rich, or to be poor,
does it even matter?
Money doesn't buy you happiness,
it can't buy feelings or emotion,
they are what come naturally,
as we experience life,
reality leads us through,
in whatever way we see it.
The Black Cloud Of Hopelessness
is like a black curtain,
it surrounds you, encloses you.
It takes over your entire body,
without a seconds notice.
One minute you're feeling ok,
the next blackness clouds your every thought.
You can't see past it,
you can't understand why it's here.
You want to run and hide,
but you have no where to go.
Anti-depressants are all well and good,
:iconscvpoetry:scvpoetry 0 2
I Never..
I never believed in love at first sight,
until I met you on that night.
I never imagined dreams came true,
until I got together with you.
I never thought I'd find the one,
but there you were in the summer sun.
I never knew what true love felt like,
but when cupid shot he got a strike.
I never want to let you go,
I just want our love to grow.
I never will stop loving you,
it will last forever eternally true.
I never want this feeling to end,
you're my lover and my very best friend.
:iconscvpoetry:scvpoetry 0 0
You always do this to me
anger me until I snap,
I say things I regret,
but once they are said,
I can't take them back,
and it rips my heart apart.
You know just what to say,
to hit me where it hurts,
a snide little comment,
or even a sarcastic remark,
you make me want to scream,
and punch whatevers close,
I hate you so much somtimes.
But you're meant to be my friend,
a shoulder for me to lean on,
but instead you mess with my head,
it's as if I mean nothing to you,
sometimes I wish I'd never met,
such a hurtful person like you.
:iconscvpoetry:scvpoetry 0 2
Living The Dream
Live for the moment,
don't let anything hold you back,
take chances with passion,
grab opportunities with both hands,
never give up on a dream;
If it means so much to you,
do your best to make it happen,
believe everything happens for a reason,
and what's meant to be will be,
follow your hearts desire;
Nothing in this life is easy,
you don't get anything for free,
work hard for what you want,
and when you get it feel proud,
it will be worth it in the end;
Dreams can come true,
but you must believe in yourself,
learn to make the best of life,
with all its ups and downs,
have faith and give it your all;
If at first you don't succeed,
don't give up and feel disheartened,
pick yourself up and try again,
hold your head up high,
and look forward to the future.
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Sara Vinson
United Kingdom
Current Residence: Saffron Walden, Essex
Favourite genre of music: Anything but pop!
Favourite cartoon character: Spongebob!
Personal Quote: "Be yourself and no one can tell you that you are doing it wrong"
Wow, it sure has been a while since I logged on here... had almost forgotten this account existed actually!! it was only when my fiancé re-activated his account that I remembered I too had one! I've not written any poetry for a while, not really found the inspiration or had anything to say.. but hopefully now I've come back here I may start to write again. Getting lost in my own thoughts though sometimes isn't so good, but as I happen to have a lot of things to look forward to in the future maybe I should focus on those and put pen to paper.. or at least fingers to keyboard lol.
Hope you're all well out there my deviant friends, and hope too that I've not been forgotten in my absence...


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