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Lineless Horse Base 1

...*facedesks* GOSH Scutterland you have much better things you could be doing right now but nuuuuuuu :stare:

This is not a grayscale! It has layers and a flat layer that you color in! You do not use hue/saturation commands to color this in! (you color it like a regular lineart!) 

:bulletgreen: This is FREE to use! 
:bulletgreen: Link your work back here so myself and others can see what you've done! 
:bulletgreen: You CAN remove text if you credit myself and Venom in the description 
:bulletgreen: You CAN use this off-site if you do not remove the text, but you can resize the text and move it around, etc. 
:bulletred: No bloody/gory/sexual work 
:bulletred: You cannot sell anything you use this for, unless you edit it so much you blow my mind. If you think you've done this, just let me know and we can talk about it ^^ 
:bulletred: You cannot, under any circumstances, claim this as your own 
:bulletblack: I can only provide you with a .psd of the file, and it's in ungrouped layers so hopefully almost anyone can use it 

:note: Venom states in her rules that linearts from her stock is allowed, as well as use outside of deviantArt so my rules match up with hers - but again, please remember to credit 

The Scutterland's Lineless Base Survival Guide: How to get the result you want!

You may not need to know any of this, but just in case something isn't looking right, it'll be a great reference on what you may want to do to fix it ^^ 

This is a piece with layers of shading and a base layer you color in - you do not use hue/saturation commands to color this in! 
To get the best results, be familiar with a couple of settings that you can edit to make sure that you're getting the highest-quality effect depending on your horse's color: 
The settings you'll need to know are: SAI: Layer styles and editing the opacity of a layer (For shading, you MAY want to put the setting to "Shade" and if you do that, you'll want to lower the opacity probably - for highlights, you may want to put the setting to "Luminosity" and again, if you do that, you'll want to lower the opacity.) Photoshop: Layer styles and editing the opacity of a layer (same goes, except for instead of "Shade" it's called "Color Burn" for shading (I think - don't shoot me if I'm wrong XD) and "Color Dodge" for highlights). 
Lighter base coats want much less intense settings - lower opacity shading etc. 
Darker base coats will need SLIGHTLY more intense settings like higher opacity shading, but don't over do it (especially with highlights) 
For high contrast horses, like a black with a lot of white, keep the settings about where they are - somewhere in the middle. It'll still look nice, trust me, I colored in a smoky black splash for an example but I deleted it because I forgot to color in the hooves while in SAI and I wasn't going back LMFAO
You may not want to put the settings to "Shade" or "Luminosity" - just saying, sometimes it looks better without that, it all depends on what you're going for
To change the color of the shading/highlights: SAI: Set the shading or highlight layer to "Selection source" then create a new layer above it and set that layer to "Clipping group" - fill with whatever color you want (i.e. blue for a night scene, etc.) ta-da! You just changed the color of the shading/highlights! Photoshop: Create a new layer above the  shading or highlight layer and then hold down the alt key while clicking in between the two layers. Fill the top layer with whatever color you want (i.e. orange/yellow highlights to make a chestnut base "pop" more). 
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Can I use this for an adoption??
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For virtual currency (such as DeviantArt points) yes you may :D 
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here's the adoption link :D Horse Adoptions 4/4 OPEN!! by WarriorCatsOCsAndArt
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Thanks, my first adoption ever
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Thanks I appreciate it, I have 0 points XD
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Hi! I was wondering if I could use all of your lineless bases (including your other linearts) and sell the designs for virtual currency on a game called Credit would be on the image. I would link you to a folder that would have all of the designs in it. Here is an example on this base, which has the credit on the image:…
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Go for it! Enjoy ^^
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