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Adobe Frodoshop. LOL
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Why the Long Face?

Why the Long Face

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People who know me call me Scutterland. People who know me well call me whatever they want. People who don't know me at all call me HEY YOU.

Graphic Design student from Oklahoma. I spend too much of my time drawing horses, quoting movies, and coming up with internet bios :D

I hate Eclipse and I can't get my profile to look decent so here's some hobbits



Lord of the rings stamp
Disney Frozen Stamp
Moana stamp
Scooby Doo Stamp
Once Upon a Time Stamp
Elsa Stamp c:
Evanescence Stamp
Celtic Woman
EPIC Horse Lover Stamp
Jar of Dirt Stamp
A Hobbit
I love Octopuses
digital-artists stamp
+Stamp to Support Stamps+
stamps are for...
Sunset Stamp v2
I love Sparkle and Glitter

My Boucle Genos~

My Boucle Genos~

HOW DO YOU WRITE IN STA.SH ANYMORE anyway + E123 Akhenaten X J500 SR's Nefertiti Ashen Silver Black Tea Splash Sabino Semi-Leopard Appaloosa Extended Lumineux Extended Plumes Extended Blackened Copper D'or (Bald) Ee/Aa/nTe/Zz/nSpl/nSb/nLp/nPATN1/nLuex/nPlmex/nAsh/nOrex/(B) or Ashen Black Tea Tobiano Splash Sabino Semi-Leopard Appaloosa Extended Lumineux Extended Plumes (Bald) Ee/Aa/nTe/nTb/nSpl/nSb/nLp/nPATN1/nLuex/nPlmex/nAsh/(B) Birthstone: Alexandrite ID: P153 Height: 18hh Note: + Rouge Semi-Leopard Appaloosa Heraldique Daydreamer Felin (Normal) ee/aa/nLp/nPATN1/nHe/nDy/nFn or Noir Snowflake Appaloosa Daydreamer Felin (Normal) Ee/aa/nLp/nDy/nFn Birthstone: Tourmaline OR Cactus Stone ID: H287 Optional Predicted Height: 17hh Rolled for Antennae random breeding mutation(s)! Link to the note:… + B488 TFR Arzel X G201 SES Amahara Orchid Rouge Rabicano Heralrique
Playing Star Stable yet?? If not, and you wanna, check out this link! Level up through your adventures in Jorvik and we both get cool rewards!

$25 Nordanner Slots (Starters!)

$25 Nordanner Slots (Starters!) All Nordanners can be found above ^^ I have dom muts, starters, one double dom mut (Eidothea), and anyone else you see of course XD - Parent slot requested but not required, breeding pic not required, dom foal allowed - Please do not breed just to decease and transfer to another breed, that is not cool beans :stare: Everyone has at least one slot available for this price, I will list anyone who becomes unavailable down below: None yet~ Happy Holidays!!

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:jawdrop: :love: OMG OMG OMG you are such a gem Nikki!!!! This is so precious THANK YOU <333333 I really needed a happy surprise :tighthug: :heart:

your welcome:)

HEY YOU! First of all your drawings are awesome! Then I laughed for AT LEAST five minutes because of this:Adobe Frodoshop..... Anyway. You are doing a good job! Have to watch!

Haha thanks so much!!! Glad you like my art (and my tagline LOLOL) :squee:

You're welcome XD

Loving the Lord of the Rings gif up there ^

LotR is my favourite film series - and in general just about my favourite thing ever - so I greatly enjoy seeing this.