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Monkey's Paw

Just a quick tattoo design I did, and decided to color really quick. Played around with some new tools and textures this time. Tried to get out of my normal comfort zone. Ill try and post the actual tattoo when we finnish it.
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this is wonderful can I use it for my yugioh card-maker deck, I will make sure to credit you on the card
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Sure, go ahead. Thanks!
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This is one of the sickest pieces of yours thus far. Instant fave. :skullbones:
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Shit, wasn't enough to have blood coming out, the bone's sticking out. Looks great.
The textures came out pretty good, I think.
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i love it,especially becouse its a monkey hand
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I was just talking about that short story yesterday.

My friend and I were farming and we found a bunch of burried treasuries in the soil. She asked me what I would do if I found a human finger and I told her that I'd throw it away because it would probably be cursed like The Monkey's Paw. She didn't know what I was talking about, so I explained it to her.

Anyway, this is an exciting rendition. I bet the tattoo will be neat.
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haha yeah, i was drawing this, and one of my friends saw it and said "oh like the story from the simpsons halloween episode?"
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