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The Red Gerkin

Gerkin has a red twin, and like Reuso is ready to go home and can be found on :]
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Could I make a zbrush sculpt of your gerkin?
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awesome! pretty expressive
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very cool this guy is awesome and reminds me of abbs odessy years ago.the tint of colour on his skin is brilliant.
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Awwah, he's absolutely adorable x3

You, my friend are lucky and so filled with talent :omg:
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In an odd way, this is cute! :D
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Really like all your pieces, some are creepy, some are cute, in a creepy way. How do you make the eyes look so shiny? is it glazing or marbles? the mouth is really shiny as well. it looks really cool, im impressed
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Thanks :] I use a clear drying apoxy or crystal clear resin :]
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He is quite cute yet creepy, great combination :)
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Aww, he looks so sad! Really good, realistic paint job.
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lol, thanks! I modeled him after my dog...thats his begger face :]
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Dogs certainly know how to turn up the pathetic/cute when they want something ;D
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this is very nice i love the design
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Thank you, he seems to be a crowd favorite :]
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very cool, I also like the soda can for a size reference. This reminds me of some of Oddworld. the Paint job looks great! Two questions: One how did you do the drool and two what did you do for the eyes?
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Thank you, i love that game :] The eyes are just latex paint with a gloss sealant on top :]
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Haha this guy looks cool! Do you do Warhammer sculptures?
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right now i'm just focusing on gallery work and commission pieces and making my monsters in my free time :]
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