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First of all, I would like to thank you for reading this and for being here, on the main page of this group, as well as for joining.
Now, as any group around here, I should get to the point where I explain all about our goals and rules.

Rule #1
Be polite and respect all members of the group.

Rule #2
Try to be as active as possible, because this will help your art get promoted. More people find out about the group, more people see your art.

Rule #3
Photos should have a decent quality.

Rule #4
Post your personal art. NOT ALL OF IT

Rule #5
Your work must be finished. No Work in Progress (WIPs).

Rule #6
Respect the group`s folders, and submit your work in the right ones.

Rule #7
Enjoy your stay!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask by sending us a note.

Gallery Folders

ninfa by Labottegadilogan
Moai Face by JedSparks
Moai 3 by JedSparks
Little Old Man From Nebraska by JedSparks
Thought Cloud by dailydoseofska
Balance between art and science by dailydoseofska
Glass Octopus by cold-in-the-north
Octopus Sculpture, glass by cold-in-the-north
Batman Returns The Penguin 1/6 Head Sculpt by stanley-sculptoyz
Klopotinsha the Beastmaster (World of Warcraft) by KarinaKruglova
Anya by KarinaKruglova
Orhid-deviant by kessan
Marble and stone

Mature Content

Marble Female Torso Front by BRipin
Gecko Serpentinit Verde Alpi stone carving by stone-sculptor
Exiqution by SteffenMoggert
art students in the cup by KarinaKruglova
Mordecai by KarinaKruglova
Black Cat by AndreaMorrow
Pileated Woodpecker by womanwelder
Daffodils Freestanding Painted by womanwelder

Mature Content

Flight of the Merrow by ddorrity
Fluttershy2 by shottsy85
Cardboard Elk by dancergirl653
Paper Mache Mandarin Duck Sculpture by MyArtsDelight

Mature Content

Azdruga the Fireworm by AshCorvida
Little dark angel by Lauramei
jewelry and accessories
Stargazer by DeathMystery
Vine dragon pendant by kessan
harry potter bracelet chocolate frogs and snitch by MiniSweetx
miniature cookies in a glass jar charm by MiniSweetx
Other materials
Deebles Dragon Glue Sculpture! by AzeFish
Cheshire Cat ( by Vladimir Sukhanov ) by Sukhanov



Weekly Stats

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Monthly Stats

Group Activity
As with the previous entry, the end of the school semester came with finals and I had to work on that. It also didn't help that right before Thanksgiving that my laptop broke down, as that was my main use in school.

The same thing happened now as it did at the beginning of the semester where I lost track of the club and about a dozen submissions got expired. I take it upon myself to go to the work pages that went expired and resubmit them. It's unfair to thous who submitted them only to have them expire because of my negligence.

I also note again that I'm the only one running this club for the past 5 years. The founder has not been heard from and as the co-founder, I do NOT have all the privileges that the founder dose. That means I can't allow others to be admin, make new folders/galleries for members to submit in, or even be affiliated other groups(3 needed to approve). I'm doing all I can within my power to make this club thrive.

That is all and sorry for the inconvenience.
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A group about any type of sculpture and sculptors.
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Jun 3, 2010


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Art Creation

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