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Making figurine hairs animal fur tutorial part 2



I made a simple tutorial of hair/ fur part II. Hope it may help friends here making human hair or animal fur. They are very basic methods and you may need to practice a lot to get the best result. Get to know your clay and tools are the best way to go. Good luck!!

You may take a look a tutorial video I made at:
Youtube Video Link:…
(20 minutes)

Before you work on the clay, grab a pencil and a piece of paper, draw hair lines, keep practicing until you can draw all kinds of the lines properly. Basically, what you draw is what you sculpt. It's the same way you move your fingers and tools.

Now get the tools that you comfortable with, “draw” on the clay. Try short, meddle, long hairs etc, get to know the controlling methods. Get to know well with the clay and your tools! you may try it on any compound and adjust it.

When you can easily work on the clay. Add some gradation and draw on the clay again. Try making small or big wavy levels. Add fine lines in layers, bigger tip tool goes first, sharper tip goes after. Follow along the clay in direction, well, somewhat irregular, according to reasonable hair growth. Brush it with nylon brush and nail polish remover. Do some touchup after brush off the scraps.

You may make it without adding layers of clay. But it would be concave, so make sure you have puff up your sculpture already.

Keep this in mind, no matter how you do it, always start from big portion of hairs first, don't just go right to the detail hair lines. Otherwise you may go back and forth fixing it. When you are done and happy with big portion of hairs, go making the lines, make it like when you are drawing a sketch.  Make more lines and details in deeper areas. Less lines on raised hairs which will make it look shiny in layers.


You may refer the similar method to Making-figurine-hairs-tutorial-part-1 also:…


Please feel free to ask question or give me suggestion. Thanks for watching!! ^~^


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Not that interested in sculpting, but i can't be silelent not to say about your talent