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Retro Vector Shapes Brushes

Inspired by the amazing brush sets of *1lovesdevine and some old sheets and curtains that were pulled out of the garage (and replicated in Illustrator via livetrace).

Version: Photoshop CS3 (Image Pack included for previous versions)

Rules of Use

By downloading these brushes you agree to the following terms of use:

1. Credit if you use either on dA or off. This includes print sources that are other than personal use (ie something for your eyes only).

2. Do not redistribute (share) to other websites, e-mail groups, torrents etc. Link my page, that way the rules are kept intact and there is no ripping happening.

3. My artwork is not stock and is not to be used without permission.

4. No commercial use of brushes. If the project is making money in any way, the brushes cannot be used. (see FAQ or note me with questions).
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Nice!! Thanks
Gorgeous! Thanks!
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Thank you!!They were the only ones who helped me!
Thanks for sharing your wonderful brushes!!!!
thanks for sharing your wonderful brushes!!!
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very good, thanks for sharing
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Thank you very much for sharing :bow: :sun:
very nice work, thanks for sharing
These look beautiful!!! Thanks :)
Your Brushes was included at:[link]
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Used Here [link]

Thanks so much, super rad brushes.
thank you very much, i m going to try it out =)
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thankyou for providing.:glomp:
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Thanks a lot for sharing,
I used one of theses here [link] hope you like it =)
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amazing *o*
can i use some of ur brushes ???
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Thanks for sharing! Plan to use these for personal use only.
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i really like the brushes from what i can tell
but when i downloaded then it says its the wrong file???
someone help?
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Perhaps it's your version of Photoshop?
Lecksy7804's avatar
i have photoshop CS3?
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Hmm not sure then :S.
Lecksy7804's avatar
i got it.
my bro helped me.
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Hi. I used your brushes in my photo. I really like it.
Thank you.
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