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Oil Spill Brushes by Scully7491 Oil Spill Brushes by Scully7491
I was looking at a pan I was dreading washing that had been soaking overnight with some dawn when I noticed the oil and the dawn had made an interesting pattern. So I took photos and made brushes :P. I figured it might be useful for texturing, dark art skin textures especially, landscape texturing, and whatever your mind can fathom.
Apologies for the file size, the brushes are very large!

Image pack included for those with Photoshop 7 and below; this set is compatible with CS and up.

Rules of use:
1. Credit if you use either on dA or off. This includes print sources that are other than personal use.

2. Do not redistribute to other websties, e-mail groups etc. Link my page, that way the rules are kept intact and there is no ripping happening.

3. My artwork is not stock and is not to be used without permisison.

4. No commercial use of brushes. If the project is making money in any way, the brushes cannot be used.

5. You don't have to ask permission to use the brushes. You don't have to note me or comment either (unless usage is off of dA). BUT if you do, NOTE me. I ignore front page stock usage comments as they clutter things up!

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Submitted on
January 18, 2007
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18.6 MB


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