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Deus Ex Machina

Apophysis 2.08, *CabinTom's scripts

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Beautiful. Feel like falling into it.)
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This is amazing!
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That's beautiful! It reminds me of Dune... the 80's movie, not the series. how it’s “lit"
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Really nice work. Love it :)

JC Denton would approve
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I assume you know Stargate, coz of your icon, but this puts me in mind of a goa'uld hand device. Although, much more intricate. ;) I love the contrast of the scratchy lines to the soft red of the circle. It's sort of threatening!
Scully7491's avatar
Oh, I can see that too now that you mention it :D; nice observation!
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Love it... And Deus Ex rocks :D
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Absolutely beautiful! :clap:
The color is gorgeous! :D
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Thanks so much :)
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My goodness, absolutely gorgeous.

I'm still struggling to learn how to produce fractals of this caliber.

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Thank you! I'm still learning myself, especially after a long hiatus of working with Apophysis. I've been reading a lot of tutorials and experimenting with scripts :).
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Excellent work, I always like to see fractals up close as it shows off the wonderful and intricate detail. Nice colour gradient choice.
Geat title, I think I saw an episode of Waking The Dead with that name.
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Thank you! I'm loving that Apophysis has improved it's functions on zooming it, it does indeed make for interesting and intricate details :)
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