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Harry sees Bellatrix Black



Harry encountering Bellatrix Black at Azkaban. She is an object of pity and empathy, but she had been "the Death Eater who inspired more fear than anyone save Lord Voldemort himself..."

Harry is brilliant, but he's only eleven. He's thought, on an eleven-year-old emotional level, of being a god. Here, for the first time, an adult -- an extremely powerful and dangerous adult -- actually worships him, albeit while he's pretending to be an incarnation of you-know-who. The inspiration from this image comes from Monica Belucci as Mary Magdalene in the Passion of the Christ. See [link] .
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This is extraordinary! I love the dramatic choice of framing, and the scene you chose- not to mention that I am very very jealous of that lovely hand there. And those sneakers...