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Challenge accepted! Submissions are in my Scrapbook.

I think Day 22 is the only one I'll have to deviate from my Legacy of Kain theme.  

Day 1: Use one of either a sans serif font or a serif font.
Day 2: Flush the type to the left or right
Day 3: Center or justify the type
Day 4: Use only 3 words
Day 5: Create a monochromatic graphic to accompany the type
Day 6: Favorite typeface
Day 7: Use 3 fonts
Day 8: Use one letter
Day 9: Use your own handwriting
Day 10: Create a text-only piece
Day 11: White or black font
Day 12: Use your all-time favorite quote
Day 13: Use your favorite color in a graphic
Day 14: Use type as an experimental texture
Day 15: Use textures on type
Day 16: Use a type you're unfamiliar with
Day 17: Use huge type
Day 18: Use tiny type
Day 19: Create a graphic with your favorite character, plus a quote
Day 20: Create a graphic with scenery, plus a quote
Day 21: Create an overlay graphic with a quote or song lyrics
Day 22: Create a typographical poster for the last game you played
Day 23: Create a movie poster remake of a game
Day 24: Use one word
Day 25: Use the last words said in a game
Day 26: Use the first words said in a game
Day 27: Remake an old graphic
Day 28: Emulate your one of your favorite graphic designers (on tumblr or on the internet)
Day 29: Create a lyrical typographical poster
Day 30: Wildcard

Bonus: Create a typographical poster for a friend and emulate their style

Original Prompt: dream-zanarkand @ tumblr
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Gluttony's going to need another 2-3 weeks but the rest are done ^__^  I had to rush the clothing to get it in on time so I'm redoing everything but Kryito's head and the background (which is quite sexy but isn't in the screenshot).  If I find the inspiration, I'll finish up the series with Erebos (wrath) and Scryren (sloth), but right now, I need a break.

I'm also trying out DA's print service since it's free now.  I think paying $50 for an 18x24 matte print is a bit ridiculous, but I've been spoiled by the large format Epson in the lab so maybe that's normal.  It's a shame the ink would crack if I rolled up the Epson prints for mailing because I'd sell them that way and bypass the whole DA thing.  

Anyway, except for Running at Snail Speed and Dual Wielding (they're old), they're all at 300 DPI so quality won't be a problem.  I could opt for 30x40 but I'm assuming DA would drop the DPI to 150 to print it that large.  I personally never print below 200 and when it's that huge, I'd be concerned about pixelation.  Who knows, maybe it wouldn't be a problem but when DA's charging $80 for it, I don't want people being disappointed by the quality.  That's not cool.

...I think this falls under the longest journal entry I've ever written O_O;;
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Seven Deadly Sins List
Lust: Moloch
Gluttony: Kryito
Envy: Reis
Greed: Lothar
Pride: Sevino
Wrath: Erebos
Sloth: Scryren

Almost... there... *soul flies out*

* * * * *

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Journal entries shouldn't start with "I'm not dead *insert excuse here*" but this one does  -.-;;

Been playing with Flash a lot lately, mostly for class.  Cthulhu was too cute not to share.  I haven't forgot my elves though.  It's Lothar's turn and I'm not even gonna try to figure out where DA hid the scraps.

Elf Sketch #24…
What it looks like right now…

* * * * *

I apologize to anyone who has to see Sevino pop up on their list more than once.   Seven hours and much editing later, he's still not in the gallery.

So until he stops hiding, here's the dev…
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Figured I might as well use the scraps section.  Everything I've been drawing since May has pretty much sucked up until yesterday (And today I turned a botched version of Moloch into Mr. Hand O_O;;.  See Dark City.  You want to see Dark City.  The Strangers demand it!)  Anyway, you can thank the lightning storm for making me turn off my computer and not really caring about what I was drawing.

Yeah, I folded for a subscription. /weak/ I couldn't handle it.  I needed the search engine back! T_T
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I'm going to pimp out the Devil May Cry comic books because they've got really nice artwork, in the American comic sense anyway.  Though, I'm not sure how Dante starts out with Alastor but whatever, it works for me.  Sadly, they're sold out so you'll have to stalk around ebay.  

I hope he kicks the living shit out of Nightmare.   Victory!
Just as a little side note: the site's been revamped and I think I'm taking a little art vaction.  But then again, ignore my ramblings as I am extremely tired. :dead:
Portrait character design for Sevino… Mr. Corporate Gestapo I-Scare-The-Shit-Out-Of-Everyone himself, minus the jackboots.  Yuck, I hate jackboots!

I just finished a sketch of Lothar and Sevino.  When it will be done, I don't know.  Lining it is what takes forever because it makes my wrist hurt so once I get to coloring it's downhill from there^^

Along the lines of story development:
There will be mecha!  Will they get drawn?  Just a little.  They're more in the subplot area right now.  We shall see.
This god awful art slump is almost over :: does a little dance ::…

I'm getting used to using a pencil again^^ The tablet has spoiled me. (Oops, screwed up the fold, Ctrl+Z....Ctrl--damnable.)  I've also been writing over the past weeks since I haven't been able to draw worth shit lately.  One step closer to finally posting a story.
The site is back up & my email's working.  The only thing that's not working is the right side of my brain.

I'm in an art slump if you couldn't tell. :dead:
Please do not email me about my website being down; I know...I caused it.  

Think about it though, three days of no Scry and in return I can now give you 800 megs of eye candy.

Rest up, because I shall return!
I promise I'll post new art "when it's done." ::gets beat with a shovel by every FPS gamer that reads this::

I couldn't help myself.  :innocent:
I'd have a new picture of Plague up, but I'm being distracted by Kingdom Hearts so too bad!

Anyone happen to know just *how* much of a difference it makes choosing expert over normal?  Lately Squares's been notorious for making their games too easy (but I love em all the same) :hump:s Squaresoft.
Last post for a month or so.  I'm heading out to annoy the crap out of Devin and Zyous this weekend. :w00t:  

Though...I might come home in very small boxes.  That could be a minor problem.
We got cabin fever

We've lost what sense we had

We got cabin fever

We're all going mad!
Long story short "Redefining Family Values" is up with a different title.  I started that pic in February when Scry and Lothar were still siblings and it makes sense in an Ashley/Katherine kind of way.  We hide our cans, need I say more.

New ID.  The old one was too dark and I don't see the point in repeating what's in my info so I put up one with two quotes both provided by the Discordians.  They have such yummy quotes.

Anyway, I have some commissions and art trades I should get started on (Yes I am a lazy bum.  If I haven't got that across by now, you are hopeless) so I'll be updating less in the next month or so...and then I'm leaving town :D so ::waves::
I've been working on the World of Madness recently.  Might put the new site for it up before I leave for Devin's in June.  (Can't wait any longer...must leave now!!)

My plan is to not get beat while I ramble on until she kicks me out of her room ::dodges incoming books::
Yes, new stuff!  The one of Scry and Lothar still isn't done (I forgot the buckels on the coats X_X) but Kryito is alive and the World of Madness is back.

Unless Zyous manages to distract me with his ramblings I'll be working on colouring more stuff in an hour or so.


.....::walks away::
I promise I'll have some new stuff up soon, school's been keeping me busy.  

I've got a lot of random inked things and one of Lothar and Scry goofing off...more like Devin taunting me in RL.  I'm colouring that one now, trying to kill as many black lines in the clothing as I can.  :dead:

I started playing AvP2 again.  Wouldn't mind drawing some aliens in the future.  I love Giger.