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Fullsize: 1200 x 1800
Detail shot: Kryito's face/torso

As the last of my final illustration project rolls in. I completely changed the background from a burning wasteland sunset to a dusty, ruined area of the city. I planned on the wall being part of the crumbled second ring, but I pulled it into the foreground, so it's way too thin to be that now. o_O;; Don't mind the insignificant wall.

I don't think I've explained the rings before. To keep the monsters out, they built these monstrously huge walls around Akheron. They have fun stuff in them, but of course, as the city grows you need to expand, so each ring covers more ground than the next. The third's the biggest, but this is post-apoc so let's destroy it, throw in some sand storms and leave it in ruins. Some of the second ring was also damaged so the OAS had to help the APD guard it while it was fixed. Hence there being a lone OAS for Kryito to munch on.

I found a new filter toy. If you render clouds and then do a horizontal motion blur, it gives you really nice hazy/clouds. Have to use multiply and a bunch of gradients to color it, but it beats flipping the canvas and doing them by hand. This is one of those drawings that looks completely different at night. That's what I get for working so dark *loves Oneiroi feet*

11x17; scanned in pencil, outlined with the pen tool and colored in Photoshop CS2.

Kryito Scryren 2009
Zaarr Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2009
O_O Me dont wanna mess with her
Drairad Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2009
Holy, awesome awesome awesome job! X3
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