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Moonlight Serenade .v2


Nyan Nyan Attack

Moonlight Serenade .v2

Kryito - Gluttony

Sevino - Pride

Moloch - Lust .v2

Reis - Envy .v2

Lothar - Greed .v2

Not Amused

Dual Wielding

Feelies on Wheelies


Gunslinger Adept

Cities of the Future

Cities of the Future

Share   |Archive    Cities of the Future By istickboy (, Truepicturesinc ( Metropolis KL 2210 by skian-winterfyre (    What do you think your favorite city will look like in one hundred years? Architect Rem Koolhaas has completed a “vertical city” complex in Rotterdam, bringing a new style of multi–purpose skyscrapers to the city skyline. Bennett Stein wrote about the new buildings for KCRW’s Design & Architecture blog, calling the creator “the Godzilla of architecture.” Here’s an excerpt from Stein’s essay: It’s a diva of biomimetics—you swear it’s a living, sentie

On that day humanity received a grim reminder

Corvus Promaethon



Disease Is Born

A Tribute to Hans Ruedi Giger

A Tribute to Hans Ruedi Giger

Share |Archive by techgnotic ( He was an artist you might not know. But you’ve met his children… It’s rare that a “new” iconic monster is born and becomes forever identifiable,—— no matter the variations, by generation after generation. So it was when George Romero created the ultimate “zombie” in his Night of the Living Dead in 1968. Zombie Apocalypse fans today may have never heard of George or seen the original “Night,” but the zombies they so love in fare like The Walking Dead owe their existence to Romero’s original vision. In 1979, screenwriter Dan O’Ban


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Dark-IndigoHobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks 4 faving Wait... by Dark-Indigo ...:)
silverwingHobbyist Traditional Artist
Hey! Are you still around? I'm not sure where exactly to find you nowadays. Just want you to know I miss you and think about you a lot. Hope life's treating you well. <3
scryren Digital Artist
Hey, lady! I miss you! <3 I haven't had much time to draw since graduation, that and WoW's taken over my life. I'm working on a new picture of Lothar but BACKGROUNDS, OMFG. If you're on tumblr, I post WoW screenshot manipulations every once in a while, but I mainly lurk on my dashboard.
KiubezUndermannProfessional General Artist
Why Herro!
:iconfellalol3-plz::iconfellalol4-plz: Thanks so much for your support!!:iconpinkballoonplz:
miz-dHobbyist Digital Artist
Lolz thx4 the watch!!!!1one

No, srsly. How did I not know you had an account here (even if you don't use it)? 6O_o
scryren Digital Artist
The part that baffles me is that I didn't know you had a DA account XD