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By scrungo
all the other stamps were either ableist or too pastel to read so !! i made a new one it doesnt really look that nice but oh well, it could look worse :p Cutelle !!! tell me if this is hard to read or anything :3

EDIT: People are STILL commenting on this so i actually made a proper explanatory description. here.

:bulletblue:What is Otherkin?:bulletblue:

Having an otherkin identity is identifying in some way as nonhuman. The relationship one has to their kintype includes but is not limited to:
-being that creature in a past life
-soul/spiritual connection, having the "soul of a/n (insert kintype)"
-feeling as though they were "meant to be" that creature.

Some people aren't any of these, and some dont really know "how" theyre kin, they just "are." 
Sometimes being otherkin is a very important part of a persons life, and sometimes its more casual. There is no wrong way to be otherkin!

People are otherkin for different reasons, common ones being:
-as a coping mechanism for mental illnesses and etc
-relating to religious or spiritual belief.
-maintaining a better sense of identity, and learning about yourself
-just for fun!

While few otherkin may have the delusion that they are physically their kintype, most are aware of their human bodies. It is not unusual for otherkin to experience "species dysphoria" or experience astral limbs, though many are content with their human bodies too. Oftentimes kintypes do not greatly affect outside life, and most otherkin do not behave strangely in public due to them.


:bulletblue:"Otherkin is a delusion"
Okay! Cool! Maybe it is, maybe it isn't! Who knows! But, in the same way you're not gonna argue with The Pope that God isn't real, you shouldn't argue about the authenticity of otherkin either! Who cares anyway its just a buncha teens on the internet.

:bulletblue:"Otherkin need help/are crazy"
That's not your business!

:bulletblue:"Otherkin are oppressed"
Anybody who says this is either a troll or REALLY overdramatic. Otherkin are NOT a part of the LGBT+ acronym, and are certainly not systematically oppressed. Sometimes people on the internet are mean, but nobody gains anything from that and those people have nothing better to do anyway.

:bulletblue:"Otherkin is stupid/dumb/ret*rded/etc"
Foreverial tiedup TBone, the all foreverially tiedup all over from fully delitized head to fully delitized foot, permanent rubbery rope covered, rope mummified, permanent bologna, ham and cheese tongued, permanent ham nosed, permanent ham lipped, permanent bologna and ham earred, permanent bologna mouthed, full permanent bologna mouthed, permanent bologna organned, full permanent bologna bodied, permanent bologna insided, permanent ketchup, tomato, bbq, taco and pizza sauced type blooded, male full permanent living deli happy fat mummy licking swatkat. all that fits him with what he is right here. Forevrial tiedup Tbone, the changed and transformed permanent tiedup, rope mummified version of the Swatkat TBone, with full permanent bologna organs and permanent bologna insides, the most outer part of his huge tongue is permanent bologna, the most inner part is a mixture of american cheese, cheddar cheese, cheese sauce, mustard, spicy brown mustard, yellow mustard and a melted cheese all mixed together into one, with ketchup, more yellow mustard, a mustard seed, a casing that is a mixture of bologna, ham and hotdog and cheese sauce. this is irreversable and TBone is stuck as Foreverial tiedup Tbone and cant be cured of his permanently fully delitized form nor can he be freed of any of his bondage, completely tiedup like this to stay. there is no way for him to escape this as he cant, its permanent and irreversable, so Foreverial tiedup Tbone will stay Foreverial tiedup TBone.
big, fat, chubby
fully delitized, huge,thick permanent bologna, ham and cheese tongue
permanent bologna organs
permanent ham nose
ketchup, tomato, bbq, taco and pizza style blood
permanent bologna veins in which condiment type bloods runs through
not like this to be eaten, but to live this way
happy smiling fully delitized rope mummified creature that always speaks and never closes his permanent bologna mouth and licks everyone and everything with his huge,thick permanent bologna, ham and cheese tongue
permanent rubbery rope bondage final binding material, but not only material as many are used to tie him up and leave him tiedup
jumps around everywhere licking everyone and everything with his huge,thick permanent bologna, ham and cheese tongue
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I’m tugboat kin
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tbh i love otherkin,, i think im one myself
scrungo's avatar
great for you !
Being otherkin is harmless; let people enjoy themselves
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i am MagicalPersonKin
i am using this
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ok phantomfaggot69
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This is why trans people aren't taken seriously anymore
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wtf does being otherkin have to do with being trans lMAO WTF....
Camtastic-Draws's avatar
I am not otherkin, but I support it!
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I can't see the thumb ;-;
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thumb486680128 !
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Debilitating mental dissabilities shouldn't be encouraged - They should be studied and cured just with most.
scrungo's avatar
how on earth is somebody participating in online communities where they talk about their past lives as animals and otherwise living a compeltely normal human life a "debilitating mental disability"
The-Gravemind's avatar
It's a debilitating mental disability because it has the potential to drastically affect their normal, everyday lives. Like that one kid I saw on tumblr the other day talking about how he "Broke" his "Astral wings" and was screaming to go to the hospital when in reality he was unharmed.

This can also be described as some symptoms of Schizophrenia -Seeing and feeling things that aren't there.

Simply believing that you are on the inside some fucking dragon or something is (almost) literally schizophrenic and can be very harmful, as was listed in the example above.

And don't even get me started on "Deitykin"
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yeah and thats one person, who obviously takes it too far past the point of kin and into something more serious and delusional. that's not what kin is. 9/10 people dont take it seriously at all and they just like imaging themself as a rabbit or something cuz it makes them feel better about themselves.

everythig has the potential to drastically affect your normal life. saying nobody should be otherkin because if taken too seriously "you could eventually become psychotic" is like saying nobody should eat junkfood because you could potentially become obese, or nobody should play sports because you could potentially hurt yourself forever.
The-Gravemind's avatar
If they don't truly feel and think that they are a different animal (Which, by the way, IS delusional) or at least WERE one (outside of religions such as Hindus whom believe in Reincarnation) then they aren't otherkin - They're a furry.

Which I'm not specifically against or for, but it's a grievous mistake to misplace OTHERKIN and FURRY.

Eating junk food or harming yourselves in sports are different stories - they affect you physically, rather than mentally and psychologically. If one obsesses over not eating ANY form of junk food WHATSOEVER, then I would also say that's a disability. The same goes for the sports situation. And likewise, if someone likes to dress up and roleplay as that character, fine by me; As long as they don't INSIST that they are that character. However when an Otherkin goes borderline mental and does everything in their power to be like that specific animal, even going out of there ways to do socially unacceptable behaviors (barking, growling, baring teeth, etc.) then, once again, it's a mental disability.
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i think somebody needs a dobby pussy indulgence
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Faggot trolled, mission accomplished.
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wow i cant believe how owned i am
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