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Movie Night

Old memes, old memes everywhere!

I started this about three months ago, and then I had to move into a new apartment forcing me to neglect stuff again, blah, blah, blah, noonecares.jpg

It's supposed to be a sequel to the Lyra/Bon-Bon panel in the pony meme I drew, but everyone's pretty much done this over and over again, so it's old hat. This thing almost made me late for work several days in a row so I'm chucking it up here anyway.

(Also had to shoehorn in :iconjohnjoseco:'s Sea Lyra because she's so cute.)
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Me: Hey if it isn't Discord, Lyra, and..... Lyra? Okay, what did I miss?
Discord: What, the previews were boring.
P. Lyra: Besides, isn't she cool? Just look at how she sits! X3
S. Lyra: Can you 'hand' me another shrimp please? :3
P. Lyra: Squee~ *gets her another shrimp* You see?
Me: .....I love Movie Night! XD
Luna: Me too! X3
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Same mat, different design to Discord.
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That was a good movie~
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that plate is huge!
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wow...bonbon looks happy 0.0
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Bon-Bon's smile just creeps me out everytime i see this o.o
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So cute!! Bon Bon looks kinda crazy... O.O
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sealyra is a cannibal, how could she eat her fishy friends D: T^T
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I think Bon Bon should lay off Lyra's obsession with humans and hands. :P
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Now back to The 13th child.

Discord: Now this is just rude, it doesn't seem to add on to the guy's legend!

Lyra: When he was actually a shaman turned shapeshifter, that ruined the legend.

Discord: A child who was cursed, changed into a dragon like creature after birth, and has lived in a desolate forest.

Lyra: And now an indian who was a 13th child was hung by Redcoats and changed into a monster.

Discord: This is just another horror movie from Earth.
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XD lol it's seapony
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Bon-Bon is about to snap. XD
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That's just stage one. In coming stage two. X3
Let me guess: Cupcakes?
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You said it. Not me. X3
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Bon Bon's expression is suiting. And I love this- made my day :D
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This is so bizarre.
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this is a win in my books
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create chaos LIKE A BOSS
drink a milk of glass LIKE A BOSS
take a break with Lyra LIKE A BOSS
sincere appreciations
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